5 Applications Of Security Labels

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Security labels have many applications within the workplace and across different business environments. The main purpose of security labels is to help identify assets, and to provide deterrents to potential thieves. At the same time, security labels also work to provide warnings over hazardous equipment, and can indicate when a warranty for an item has been invalidated. Similarly, security labels can be used as seals to prevent tampering with posted items. Taken together, security labels are a low cost, but highly effective way for increasing the safety of assets, while reducing the risk of losses. These strengths are outlined below:

1 – Tamper Evident Labels

Security labels attached to items are typically designed to be almost impossible to remove without the help of strong solvents. Anodised coverings and lamination also means that they are scratch resistant, and likely to leave permanent marks on computers, equipment and CD and DVD cases if someone tries to remove them. In this way, tamper evident labels represent a permanent solution to deterring theft, with lasting marks making it difficult for items to be resold without being identified as damaged.

2 – Warning Labels

Labels that are attached to potentially hazardous equipment can help to raise personal security within the workplace by identifying the condition of, and dangers of items. Some of these applications might include placing a security label on dangerous chemicals or electrical items that should not be opened or tampered with. These labels can also note punishments for tampering with risky substances.

3 – ID Labels

One of security label’s key features is their ability to identify ownership for assets. Logos, serial numbers and barcodes can be attached to security labels, and can be used to identify the department to which an item belongs. This kind of identification, which can be provided by scanning the label’s barcode, makes it easier to prevent theft or movement between departments. Moreover, a security label that identifies ownership, and that is difficult to remove, can be used to reduce losses by tracking items as they are moved between different locations.

4 – Warranty Labels

Most electrical items come with warranties that can be invalidated if warranty labels are removed. These warranty labels are similar to other security tagging solutions, in the sense that attempts to remove a warranty label will result in a mark being left on the surface of an item that identifies it as having broken the terms of the original purchase, and consequently likely to have been illegally taken.

5 – Packaging

Security labels are similarly effective at being used to deter tampering with packaging and letters as they are sent through the post. Labels that are attached to seals resist easy opening, making it difficult to break into a package without having to replace it with an identical covering.

6 – Guest Identification

Many businesses use security labels with ID badges to identify staff and guests as they enter a working environment. Security labels can be checked to indicate levels of access, and can be combined with checklists and photo card identification to ensure that the person passing through a building has been cleared to do so by a security team.


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  1. Zainil from Cell Phones

    What security labels are you talking about? And what Assets? How can these be useful to an individual?
    Could you please elaborate?

  2. Stuart says:

    He’s talking about labels that offer security features if they are tampered with. You can see a shot and explanation of these types of labels here http://www.seareach.plc.uk/tamper-evident-labels.htm

    As the label is removed or tampered with, it shows that someone has tried to remove or replace them.

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