Why People spy on Android Phones?

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Today, any one can spy on Android phones, exactly in the same way that they do it in movies. There is a software program that you can buy online and that you can use to spy on Android phones. With it, you can know how many calls a person has made, to what numbers, the names of the people he has contacted, and what the content of any incoming or outgoing message is. In addition, the program lets you find the location of the phone and the person carrying it on Google Maps. As if it weren’t enough, it also allows you to select a phone number and hear the conversations between that phone number and the target phone.

But why would people want to spy on Android phones? The answer is very simple, to know if their spouses are hiding something or cheating on them or to monitor the activities of their Teens. A teen that gets in trouble all the time can’t really go unsupervised, no matter how much he claims that he has a right to privacy. This is especially true if the problems he runs into are serious. It’s especially useful in the case of teenagers who refuse to communicate their problems to their parents.

Despite the advances in our society, cheating still continues to be a common practice. And it has nothing to do with economical and social class, as even people who are very successful have been known to cheat, like Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods. I decided to choose these examples precisely because they are not only successful individuals, but also educated ones. Yet, they still cheated on their wives. You can imagine the rate of martial infidelity when you consider all the population that does not have a horde of reporters after them every day trying to catch them doing something wrong.

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I don’t know what exactly causes cheating, as there are many factors to take into consideration. However, cheating is never right, despite all the excuses and justifications that cheaters give.

Also, cheating has serious consequences. The victim of cheating usually suffers from low self-esteem for years and it may take some therapy to recover before he or she can start a new relationship again.

While it’s very hard to make cheaters change their ways, at least if they are caught, they will think twice before doing it again. This is why most people think it’s ok to spy on Android phones to catch cheaters, even when they think that the program is not appropriate in other situations.

Fortunately, the developers of the program that lets you spy on Android phones made it very simple to install and use. Anyone with basic computer skills can get it and use it. It doesn’t need any programming, or coding, or any knowledge of hardware. The whole process takes about 10 minutes, after which, you’re ready to spy on Android phones by yourself.

Remember that in the end, software and programs that allow you to spy on Android phones are just tools. It’s your own adult decision whether use them or not and for what purpose.


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  1. Carol Barry says:

    IMHO, spy application could be used to track down a troubled teenager, but to use them to find out if my husband is hiding something from me, this just means that I don’t trust him at all, and beside this, I would be invading his privacy. The end of the article was brilliant ‘It’s your own adult decision whether use them or not and for what purpose’.
    Carol Barry recently posted..A Comprehensive Look at Wheatgrass Juicers or Why Don’t I Use a Manual Wheatgrass Juicer ?My Profile

    • Alan Tay says:

      Carol, I think we think the same. None should intrude one’s privacy.

      By the way, I saw a couple of comments by you here. Thanks for dropping by and hope to see your more often.

  2. Jessica says:

    I would rather use this app to track the location of the phone user. Having to read the incoming and outgoing messages and hearing the voice while on conversation violates the “right to privacy” of an individual. And I think this is punishable by law. It’s very tempting though.

  3. anim says:

    As far as my viewpoints is concerned, i mostly used this app to track out the location of phone user, but it is good.

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