Using Security Cards to Keep Your Business Safe

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In a perfect world, information, data, formulas, inventions and other important business information would be off limits for hackers and thieves. Unfortunately, we live in anything but a perfect world, so protecting your business and client information is not only necessary, but it is mandatory. Who wants to lose a client because their company did everything to please the client, but nothing to protect the client? Investing in security cards can keep your business safe, and your client list from shrinking, due to business safety issues.

Every time a meeting is conducted, information is entered into your business’s computer system, an invoice is paid, an employee is hired, a new wing or office is opened, or a business idea is created or invented, you run the risk of someone stealing that valuable formula, security code, personal or business information. Security cards may not eliminate the information from being stolen all together, but these cards can help narrow down who has access to what and at what time. Therefore, if something is hacked or stolen, your business is closer to finding the culprit than you were without the security cards.

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Security cards can be given to employers to use for entrance into a business, access to company banking accounts, or access to a company’s computers and both business and personnel files. Each time an employee uses his card, he will have access to files and locations that the business sees fit. If an employee is promoted, the employer can authorize the security card to give him more access. In contrast, if the employee has been demoted, fired or laid off, the employer can have the employee’s security card deactivated or limit what he has access to within the company.

Security cards are necessary for businesses that use the same company servers as other businesses within the same or nearby company. A business owner has enough headaches with keeping hackers from stealing data, why add to that headache with internal hackers. Most government officials use security cards, which is why the government is able to track down unauthorized users, more quickly than a common employer. To protect yourself, and your business, in the fast and secure manner as the government, you should consider using security cards for your business.

Security cards are small in size, typically the size of a credit card. These cards have a micro-chip, which stores the information or access you want your employers to have. The security cards help by limiting how this information is transported over radio, computer and other access areas. These limits are what keep the data from being stolen by external hackers. Knowing who has access to what is the key to keeping internal hacking from taking place.

Security cards can be costly, but think about how much you could save in the long run. For starters, there are the fees of changing or switching computer programs, or the office and storage keys that you would have to replace. Or how about the fees you have to pay for merchandise that is stolen. We have not even begun to run the tally on the money you will lose from scared or hesitant clients. Security cards do not seem so costly when you think about what is at stake to lose. So start protecting your business with security cards today!


About the Author: Virginia Cunningham is a avid technology blogger touching on topics from social mediato security solutions. She writes for a blog that specializes in identity solutions for businesses, for one of the most trusted provider of secure ID solutions, AlphaCard.

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