Monitoring with Mobile Spy Software – How Far Would You Go?

Mobile Spy applications are pretty common nowadays. The demand to install this sort of app for the purpose of spying, monitoring, tracking or whatever you all call it is getting higher as the number of smartphone user is increasing.

Usually, this sort of application is suitable to use on the following 3 victims which are Spouse, Children and Employees. Among all these three, I have a question that pops into my mind which is, ‘What about their privacy?’. Isn’t this sort of spying is illegal or not proper? After having a deep thought and some readings on the web, here are my verdict and this is how far your mobile spying thing should go.

How far should you go using the Mobile Spy?

Let’s start off with children first. If your children underage or I would say below the age of 18 years old, spying on them still does not crosses the line of intruding privacy. This is because whatever that you are doing as a parents is to protect your children from cyber criminal and probably monitoring them is one of the best way today. However, when they pass the age of 18 or 21, I don’t think the spying should continue anymore. This is where I think mobile spying should stop.

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As for employees, I think there are two conditions where spying is necessary. One is where the mobile phone is purchased under the company name. The other condition is where the mobile phone is not purchased by the company but is needed to use in the working environment with connectivity to the sensitive networking zone. The reason for the employer to monitor is to ensure that there is minimum or no data leakage from the company. Other than that, it is not necessary to spy on the employee.

As for spouse, it is quite an argument whether you should or should not. Most mobile spy software will have the marketing phrase of whether your spouse is cheating on you in the relationship to get you into purchasing the mobile spy software. Personally, I think you should find out whether your spouse is cheating on you via communication and not spying. It is someone’s privacy which you are talking about and I believe you do not like people spying on you as well, do you?

So my verdict is…

It is definitely not wrong to spy on someone’s mobile phone but it has to be in the right situation as mentioned in this entry. There are couple of mobile spy software and one of them is the Mobile Spy Tracking Software from RetinaX Studios which I am planning to try out and do a review on this software to see how far it can go in tracking someone’s privacy.

I am 100% against the spying on your spouse but what do you think? Let us know in the comment below.

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  1. Carol Barry says:

    I agree with you on two points: supervising a child and spouse with mobile spy applications. As for employees, the first thing a business owner should do if he wants to control “the leaks” is to give his a non disclosure agreement to sign and only after that install the software on the company’s mobile phones.
    Carol Barry recently posted..A Comprehensive Look at Wheatgrass Juicers or Why Don’t I Use a Manual Wheatgrass Juicer ?My Profile

  2. Nolan says:

    From my point of view I can tell that in some short of cases it’s pretty important to spy on your kiddos or employees. It’s an effective way to ensure privacy & security. But we need to also keep in mind that while spying we don’t cross the limit or violate others personal right.

  3. Tauseef

    According to me spy on your employees specially those one who spend most of their time on field is important. I’ve seen such cases where employees take a wrong advantage of this liberty.
    Tauseef recently posted..VPS vs Shared Hosting: The Difference-Which one is better for you?My Profile

  4. Steffy says:

    You are right! There is nothing wrong with using a mobile spy software as long as it is within the premise of what you have cited here in your blog. Going beyond that would mean intruding to one’s privacy.
    Steffy recently posted..Advanced Tracking Applications for AndroidMy Profile

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