Is Your Email Account More Valuable Than Your Banking Account?

You might think that your internet banking account is more important than any other online account that you have, but not all people think the same. There are almost of the surveyed people think that their email account is more important than their banking account.

If you ask me the same question, my answer to you is Yes personally and for general, is Yes and No.

Well, this is because most internet banking account is protected with two factor authentication. It is not really easy to compromise one’s banking account compared to the email account.

But before that, what makes an email account so valuable?

Basically, your email account is the place to go whenever you need to do a reset account password. Give you an example. If you had your Twitter’s email account compromised, how hard is it for the attacker to gain full control of your Twitter account?

Not at all right?

How to Setup Your Gmail to use Two-Factor Authentication

So you see, many people take their email account security lightly. They think that it is not really important because your email account simply does not contain any money.

But then again, imagine this:

If you have 10 online accounts that related to one email account, then this email account is extremely important. This is because if the attacker has access to your email account, he can easily go to the 10 online account site to do a password reset. After that, the reset password procedure will normally be sent over to the email address.

As a result, I wouldn’t say my bank account is super important. Although it carries ll my cash, but it is not really difficult to break a bank’s procedure. I am sure even if you want to reset your online banking password, you will need to go through certain process. And even if you manage to get the password, you will need to have my second factor authentication which is my mobile phone for my country’s practice.

As a result, don’t under-value your email account. Protect your email account to the fullest and if you have any problem in protecting your email account, just refer to my post on 7 sure-fire ways to protect your email account.


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  1. Megan says:

    Emails are really important and I can say that because without my email, I cannot get my job and create an account on every social media site.. Anyway, thanks for this..

  2. Carol Barry says:

    Thank you Alan! Now you gave me something to think about 🙂 and I am sure that my e-mails are way more important than my bank account. My bank accounts are always empty because I transfer the money from them, but I am really dependent on my e-mails. All the social media networks are tied to an e-mail, my personal phone is tied with another e-mail and I really don’t want to think what will happen to my personal info if somebody will crack my e-mail accounts.
    Carol Barry recently posted..Acai Berry In The MediaMy Profile

  3. Asher from cloud servers says:

    Yes, that’s right and really required.

  4. PR Company says:

    The approach of this article takes the uncommon path of enlightening readers without forcing them to endure the usual sales drivel that accompanies most material. All I want is to be given the facts and then be allowed to form my own decision. Thank you for providing that opportunity.

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