Importance of permanently removing unwanted files and sensitive data

Many of us are unaware of the fact that even after complete deletion of files and folders they are recoverable through third-party data recovery software. An efficient data recovery software can recover data, which is lost due to formatting of our system or accidentally deleted!

Therefore, we can say that data recovery tools are virtue for all those who want to recover their precious data but are vice for them who want to erase sensitive files/folders/data completely from their system.

Unearth Facts About Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool

Let us instantiate the above situation. Suppose, you want to dispose off your Windows XP based laptop. Since you have used this system for quite a long time and during this period, you have stored so many important files, folders, and other crucial information thus deleting them completely is required.

Though you have deleted then from your system completely by ‘Shift+Delete’ as well as formatted your system but still they are available on your system additionally there are system traces available on your PC. Therefore, anyone who purchases your system can use these traces as well as your files and folders, which contain your sensitive data.

The ultimate answer to data security

Therefore, before selling it out, it is advisable to clean all sensitive files, folders, and even various registry entries and that too beyond any scope of recovery.  Use following steps to permanently remove all your sensitive files:

Tips to completely clean up your computer

1. Delete the file & empty the recycle bin or delete by SHIFT+DELETE command.

Possibilities for Step 1: After deleting files by step 1, it doesn’t mean that the files get permanently deleted. They can still remain on your hard disk Because most of the computers OS will only delete links to the data but the actual data still remains on the disk. To access the deleted files is as simple as restoring the links.

2. After deleting the all sensitive data, defragment the drive. Drive defragmentation will rearrange some of the files on the hard disk. If we will take this step, then there is a most possibility that the clusters that were used for the deleted files, will be rewritten and the data will no longer be recoverable.

Possibilities for Step 2: Even so, though, there is a possibility that all the clusters that were used for the deleted files have not been deleted & will not be rewritten.

The Importance of Windows Registry

3. Reformat the hard drive – Copy all your data somewhere else, and reformat the hard drive.

Possibilities for Step 3: Even so, though, there is a possibility to recover data after reformatting.

4. However, they need not to worry, as there are various Windows registry cleaner tools available in the market today. These tools wipe off all your sensitive yet unwanted information from your system also clean up Windows Registry and system junks, and thus optimize the physical memory of your PC.

Possibilities for Step 4: No scope of recovery. If your hard drive contains company confidential data then this is the only way through this, your data is 100% unrecoverable.

Conclusion: After reading this post, hard drive data will no longer be recovered by anyone.

About the AuthorAdam is a researcher & blogger who specialist in writing articles on Registry Cleaner Software, how to wipe unwanted files, how to cleanup your PC etc. If anyone have any question just contact him at adam.gorge507[at]gmail[dot]com

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  1. Carol Barry says:

    This is good advice in case you want to use the hard drive, but if you don’t want to use it anymore simply open the hard drive, take a screwdriver, write you name on those shiny platters, break the slider and take the printed circuit and make yourself a nice keychain 🙂

  2. Asher from cloud servers says:

    Yes, Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove all and make space to put something else.

  3. Louie says:

    This is an excellent guide for those looking to keep their computer running in tip top shape.

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