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About a week ago, I had been browsing my site more frequent than before and found that the site loading speed is actually quite slow. So the question that I asked myself is, can I endure this kind of site loading speed if I am some anonymous visitor? I think my answer is ‘No’.

I don’t have the statistic and numbers here but I think about 30% of my visitors cannot endure my site loading speed. So, I had spent about a weekend to optimize my site’s speed so that it is at least the speed is reasonable enough.

Dump all the rubbish

First of all, I dumped all the unnecessary stuff. What I am trying to mean here is all my unused active plugins. The ones that I seldom use, I will deactivate them. The ones that I don’t use at all, I remove them. This is the first step to ensure that I don’t load unnecessary stuff.

Combine your plugins

Based on my best knowledge, only the CommentLuv Premium combines 8 plugins into one. Basically by enabling the CommentLuv Premium, I can managed to combine GASP, Twitter in Comment, Top Commentator and Do Follow. So this means that I can reduce my number of plugins by 3.

Switch to WP Super Cache

Previously, I run on W3 Total Cache and finally gave up using it. Right after I switch to WP Super Cache, things changed. My site is loading much faster now by just a simple switch to this plugin. I am not trying to say W3 Total Cache is useless because it is a huge argument between these two whether which is the best.

If you are not sure, test it yourself. Only you can tell the difference. The other advantage I find in WP Super Cache is that the configuration is way simpler.

Minify JS/CSS

I am not too sure what does this mean but what I know is I manage to perform the steps to minify my JS/CSS by installing the Better WordPress Minify plugin. I tried many minify plugins which all don’t work except for this. I will tell you later how I know it works or not even without knowing what Minifying is.

Change Web Hosting

About a year ago, I started blogging in a very cheap way. I managed to get a hosting for less than $15 USD per year at that time including a domain name which is renewed every year for free as long as I keep subscribing for their hosting. After months of blogging, I finally earn enough for me to start investing into web hosting and finally I am now running on Hostgator. The site performance didn’t improve much from my previous web hosting to be honest, but one thing I can ensure is, Hostgator is a reliable hosting and the support is excellent.

Use Content Delivery Network

Ever heard of CDN? Me neither at that time but I heard of it now when I start using it. The CDN which I had implemented into this blog is MaxCDN. It improves the speed of your site when loading images and javascripts. If your site is loaded with lots of images, it is a very suitable solution. Otherwise, you can just try it out just like me since the first terabyte is only $39.95 and I don’t think I can finish 1 terabyte of bandwith in one year.

Benchmark your performance

This is where I tell you that I don’t even know what minify is but I know it works. Basically, I run to two websites to run my website performance test which are and You should do it as well to see how well your site performed. At first, my score was so horrible that I can’t even imagine where I should begin. After all the optimization that I had mentioned above, now my benchmark is reported as below:

Results from GTmetrix

Result from WebPageTest

So now back to you

What is the benchmark of your site? Have you tried out all the possible tweaks but found none of them work? Why not try mine. The drawback of having a slow site is your visitors will not stay long and so it will reduce your pageviews. Some even not able to load your site and leave your site without giving you a chance to show off your awesome contents. Some of the links above are affiliate links but they are tested by me and the result has shown a very positive result. Weekends is coming so I wish you all the best in tweaking your site this weekend.

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  1. Hi Alan, over at Technology Bloggers I have spent a good few hours making things as speedy as possible! I use the Firefox plugin Page Speed with Firebug in order to analyse what is slowing it down.

    Levering the browser caching (of our files) via .htacess, along with optimising images, specifying the character set combining scripts etc. are just some of the things I have done, and I have seen a real speed improvement!

    WordPress does slow things down a bit, so if you want to see the sorts of speed awesome optimisation (without meaning to brag) can be achieved, check out my online home – the link to my site in this comment.

    Thanks for sharing your tips Alan 🙂

  2. Kannan Sobti

    Great tips! I already use some of those plugin but now I am going to implement all in your list.
    Kannan Sobti recently posted..Verizon ‘Share Everything’ the next Qwikster?My Profile

  3. Carol Barry says:

    I really do notice an improvement in page loading today. I guess that you did a good job optimizing these plugins and now I must go back to my blog and start benchmarking it. If anything goes wrong, I’ll come back here and follow your advice!

    • Alan Tay says:

      Sure thing, Carol

      There are many more optimization out there so if you have a really high requirement, you could do a Google 😉

  4. Rivera says:

    Thanks a lot for these tips. It is time I ditch all the unused plugins to increase the speed of my blog.

  5. Peter Lee

    My site is scoring kinda low especially on the loading time part. I think it needs a major overhaul 😛
    Peter Lee recently posted..How to Scan Your Computer Without an AntivirusMy Profile

    • Alan Tay says:


      Hope you will find your way. It shouldn’t be difficult to tech guy like you, Peter. Just that you didn’t realize. 😉

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