5 Tips On Improving Your Online Reputation With IT Security

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When you want to grow your business, one of the first things you need to do is market.  After making a serious effort in marketing, you will start to see your business grow.  You will have happy customers and you may even have some disgruntled clients along the road.  As your business grows, the competition will do absolutely anything to discredit your name.

Some of these tactics include acting like clients online and speaking negatively about your brand or company.  While this is frowned upon, it can be difficult to prove that comments on the Internet are not legitimate.  These comments will quickly affect your online reputation and you might start to notice a decline in sales.  If you do not want your business to suffer because of jealous competitors, here are some tips on how to manage your online reputation and how to get more familiar with IT security.

Decide What You Want First

More and more business owners are blogging to provide their clients and their prospects with valuable information on topics that are related to the industry.  You always want to look like an expert on the topic.  You should encourage conversation and comments to your blog posts without leaving the forum open for people to make comments that are going to affect your credibility.

Having a blog can be a great thing if you are ready to keep it secure.  You could end up destroying your reputation by posting content that is not engaging or not accurate.  As long as the blog is secure and you must approve comments, you should be able to manage your reputation effectively.

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Have A Secured Business Space to Enhance Your Security

You can enhance your Internet security and even improve your online reputation when your business space is secured.  You should never share any of your log on information or admin information to clients or other people who are not authorized to log in.

This information should be safeguarded in your blog and also on your computer.  Never have the log in details and passwords saved on your computer or they might be available to hackers.  You never know what the competition might be capable of just to discredit your name.

Always Focus On One Avenue At A Time

Internet security and online reputation management can be a very involved task.  You might need to know how to change your settings, know how to customize your blogs, and know which filters to turn on and off.  You might get distracted very easily and travel off of the beaten path.  When you are posting content, posting to social media profiles, or posting to article directories, it is easy to let the quality of your content dwindle down.

The key is always focusing on quality first and then taking the right steps to keep the content secure.  If you do not do this, the reputation of your business might just suffer even though you are putting in the effort.

It is amazing that just a few people can destroy everything you have built by leaving negative comments on the Internet.  You need to make sure you have profiles on all of the most popular networks and then use these networks to your advantage.

With enhanced security and the right focus on networks that will bring you closer to your business goals, you can maintain or even improve your online reputation.


About the Author: Jean is a highly experienced writer and an internet marketing entrepreneur. Her ideas on reputation management are highly effective, borne out of decades of experience. She specializes on providing consultation services to businesses in need of solid online reputation management. Follow Jean Ryan on Google+. 

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  1. Carol Barry says:

    Thank you for the advice! We all know that business competition is always welcome, but sometimes the competition is not always fair-play, so then your advice comes very handy!
    Carol Barry recently posted..A Comprehensive Look at Wheatgrass Juicers or Why Don’t I Use a Manual Wheatgrass Juicer ?My Profile

  2. You can never tell when an opponent will strike. Negative comments are what online sellers hate and avoid. Even I hate negative comments. And Yes, you’re definitely right – reputation is important when your business holds an online community. Thanks Jean!
    Raymond Villarojo recently posted..Asbestos removal at Pasco High School begins this weekMy Profile

  3. Glenn says:

    In this day and age of immediate information being available at anyone’s fingertips, it would make sense that you would be concerned about how to improve your online reputation and be able to manage your reputation if it’s less than desirable. And one of the most common way to help you improve your online reputation is to market your business on the web.
    Glenn recently posted..Comment on Resources by Join me in Toronto this October! | The Blog of Matthew Loop | Chiropractic Internet MarketingMy Profile

  4. Richa from seo professional says:

    Thanks for sharing this great piece of info. Online reputation is important to build and maintain. You cannot expect a fair play in competition always. So monitoring online reputation becomes important. Because in the online world things spread very quickly.

  5. Abhishek from resilience training says:

    Considering many business nowadays solely depends on internet for their revenues, regular monitoring of online reputation is very essential. The intense competition has also made monitoring and preserving online reputation more of a compulsion. Thanks for sharing the tips, they are very helpful.

  6. Aayna from executive search says:

    This is a nice share. Online reputation is of utmost importance especially for those businesses who solely depends upon the internet for their customers and sales. Any kind of distorted information is capable of considerably hampering the image of the online business and trust of the customers. Therefore it becomes imperative to secure the online reputation. The tips mentioned are of great help.

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