Microsoft Security Essentials: A Free But Powerful Antivirus Tool

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The worst thing that you can come across when you are just trying to enjoy some leisure time on your computer is a virus. It’s just as bad when you are trying to get some work done, and there is really no good time to find a virus on your computer. These viruses are usually a part of some kind of malicious internet marketing campaign, and they are sometimes quite a hassle to deal with.

The best way to make sure that you are browsing safely on the Internet is to use a program such as Microsoft Security Essentials to block the viruses from ever getting onto your computer in the first place. There are many reasons as to why Microsoft Security Essentials is a solid option for your computer safety, but there are also some limitations on this security software.


The main reason that you will want to at least try Microsoft Security Essentials is that it is free software that comes with your Windows computer. This is the basic level of security that you can have on your computer, and it does not require a lot of extra work on your part. You must be running a genuine version of Windows for it to work, so you will need to make sure that you confirm your copy of Windows with the Microsoft servers. After you go through this step, you will be much safer from those Internet marketing campaigns that try to implant themselves on your computer.

Another reason as to why Microsoft Security Essentials is a solid tool is that it comes with a color coded system to keep you up to date with the current status of any viruses on your computer. This icon in your system tray will make it easy for you to notice when there is something going wrong with your computer. You do not even need to open up the program to be told that there is a virus on your computer and you need to do something about it. This kind of alert system helps you get rid of any problems that may pop up on your computer while you are simply browsing the web.

There are many amazing features of this free software, but you have to remember that it is free for a reason. While this software will be able to help you in some instances, it is not exactly the best antivirus software on the market. Microsoft Security Essentials will have trouble with any of the newer Internet marketing viruses that try to sell you new products that are not recognized in the Microsoft Security Essentials system. This means that you should definitely get some more advanced software if you really want to be safe while you browse the web.

Microsoft Security Essentials will be able to help you out a bit at first, but you are going to need to upgrade before too long. There are plenty of different pieces of virus protection software that you can look at when you need better protection. Take a look at your options before you make a final decision because each program comes with different features that may work better for your personal computer.


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  1. Tan from customer service skills

    Just a few days ago, my friend just told me about this, but I am not sure will this actually work. Thanks for sharing. I will try it on my laptop since I am going to format (after 5 years) and reinstall everything later of today.

  2. jack says:

    Although many people have become disenchanted with Microsoft after its Vista blunder, the company can be trusted. I think it learned its lesson. Microsoft Security Essentials is a reflection on that. The software is capable, it keeps users safe and, most importantly, it’s free. Microsoft isn’t trying to make a buck on security. It’s trying to make its software more secure.

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