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In the movies, high tech security uses fascinating inventions, sometimes with security stop measures that don’t even exist yet. But real life is never far behind Hollywood and most of the really interesting new ideas for inventions in security technologies involve checking for identity.

Biometric technology (bio meaning life and metric meaning measure) is the science of using an individual’s unique body features as an entrance key and it is considered one of the most important and most interesting inventions in security technologies in the last 50 years.

Fingerprints are the most common type of biometric scans but other physical traits such as eye scans, voice print matching, and facial recognition scans can also be used.

Most average homes and businesses don’t need high-tech biometric inventions although as the price for these new inventions drop they may become common place.

Another new innovative idea for security technology is advanced use of video recording, cameras, and personally activated alarm fobs.

We are all used to the idea of a security system triggering a loud warning or a silent alarm. New inventions in technology are designed to do much more. Once an outer system is breached additional cameras and recording devices can be triggered so that the intruders are captured on film and audio to give information that can be used to immediately capture information about the criminals and prosecute the intruder.

What if you open the door to someone and then realize that you are in danger? What if you let someone into your house, say an intruder posing as a maintenance man or an acquaintance or friend who then proves to be dangerous at that time? These were the questions that created the invention of panic alarms that could be kept on a key chain or near your doors.

Sensors are also an innovative idea in security. There are sensors that detect glass breaking. These inventions are usually placed on windows and can detect vibrations if the glass is broken.

Walking pressure stress sensors are also a security idea for some places. These sensors are typically placed under rugs, carpets, or floor joists and they activate when an intruder steps on or near them. Laser beam motion detectors are also an invention that improves security. Laser beam motion detectors are now commonly used to protect valuable artwork in museums and private collections and are very common in high-end jewelry stores. Simple beam break laser security devices are often used as an additional security measure across doorways. These work by having a narrow beam that looks like a little bit like a cord across an entrance way touching a sensitive receptor plate at each end. When the door opens it breaks the continues line of the beam and triggers the alarm.

For many people wanting top security, a combination of multiple types of security measures is the best and most frequently used protocol. As new ideas and new inventions in security are created, more and more businesses will have high tech solutions to solve their security issues.

About the Author: Joel is the Marketing lead at is a product development firm that specializes in top-of-the-line design work for inventors. If you have any question on how to get invention help just contact Idea Design Studio.

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