Cyber security: a top priority for the U.K. Ministry of Defense

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Now that hackers have made their way into top secret military computer systems, British officials are worried about their defense against cybercrime. The British military’s head of cyber security, Jonathan Shaw, stated that there have been many fruitful attacks into the Ministry of Defense’s computer systems.

Shaw stated to the guardian that the number of damaging assaults is not much but still it is a big thread. There are issues that the officials and agencies are aware of and then ere there are some problems that are not even known.

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Shaw who is set to retire soon that he didn’t know how many attacks there have been but he did stated that is important enough to make cyber security a top priority for Ministry of Defense. This was the first instance when the government agency released the news about the network being hacked into.

Shaw did a have a few ideas in how to ward of the upcoming threat of cybercrime. There was a mention of developing cyber weapons. He stated that one needs to get busy in internet defense and be very aggressive about it. If the forces have to battle in cyberspace then one needs an innovative mind as this sort of defense goes across the spectrum. Weapons like spyware ward off hackers from things like cell phones and other gadgets. Companies like Mobistealth and Flexispy are coming out with spyware application which once installed give the installer complete power and surveillance of the cell phone. If the cell phone is stolen or misplaced, the location can be tracked right that instant. Even though the military network is at a complete different level, cyber weapons surely do have the potential to combat these hackers.

Another idea of his was to listen to the younger generation as talking about his generation; Shaw stated that he’s too old for this. He said that their natural reflex is to go for a pen and paper and this isn’t what they have grown up with. Even though they are the heads and they have set up structures, they really need to be on listening mode for this particular action.

The last idea he put forward was to be innovative and see what technology companies are doing to combat this data insults. He stated the example of Facebook when it paid money to hackers as they found out security weak points on the website. Google carried out the same approach. Shaw stated that it was quite news for them to be informed how vulnerable we are. For something like military to be violated by a bunch of hackers is surely an urgent matter. He stated that the Ministry of Defense wasn’t doing so badly but they can definitely do a better job on the matter at hand.

The United Kingdom isn’t the only country whose military websites have been breached. The United States Police and Military websites have been hacked. Over the previous year, many hackers have stood up to claim the responsibility for assaults on American Vanguard Defense Industries, Law Enforcement Agencies and private prison companies. In the process of the attacks, the hackers defaced the companies’ Web sites and released e-mails, documents and other files.

Rep. Michael McCaul stated that America may be safe from foreign militaries and shells but is surely not safe from digital attacks. Apart from hackers, the American Intelligence speculated that Nations are sharpening their cyber attacks merely to have an upper hand in defense. China and Russia are really working on their warfare capabilities for cyber attacks. Let it be hackers or nations planning attacks, it is pretty evident that the world is moving to another sort of way of war which will surely cause damage on a much greater scale.


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  1. Lee says:

    Cyber hacking is one subject that really winds me up. Our online data seems to be permanently under threat. I know other countries want to get government secrets and other information. But the hacker who destroys or corrupts people’s data because they can should be locked up and the key thrown away.

    Thanks lee

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