5 Disadvantages of PC Tools and How to Uninstall It

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In a quest to rid their machines of harmful viruses and threats that could potentially cause great damage, computer owners regularly install antivirus solutions to help eliminate issues from their machines. PC Tools is one such antivirus program, but unfortunately, this particular program has plenty of disadvantages that make it undesirable to consumers. Read on to discover what some of these disadvantages are and how to remove the unwanted software from your machine.

1. No Threat Identification

While issues are found on the machine and counted, there is no specific identification of what threats are present. This is an issue for those who may wish to target problems based on their identity. Instead, the program only notifies the user of the issue’s presence.

2. Frequent Crashing

Different users will likely have varying results, but many consumers report frequent crashing of the PC Tools program, or of their computer system as a whole. This is a particularly prevalent issue when active protection has been turned on. This could force the user to reboot the machine again and again in an attempt to resolve the problem.

3. Constant Upgrade Prompts

As PC Tools is available for free, the developer has wasted no time trying to get consumers to upgrade to the paid version. This upgrade prompt jumps up frequently, distracting the computer user in a frustrating manner. The only way to remove the prompt is to upgrade.

4. Limited Error Correction

Although some antivirus protection is better than nothing at all, PC Tools does not protect against all threats without an upgrade. This means that many hazards go unaddressed, simply because a software license has not been purchased. Consumers who believe they are throughly protecting their machine could actually be doing little more than tacking on a flimsy layer of security.

5. Difficult to Remove

In addition to all of the other bugs and issues found within PC Tools, the program is notoriously difficult to remove from a computer upon which it has been installed. If your machine is currently running the cumbersome program, you may have already exhausted yourself trying to delete it from the system. Fortunately, it is possible to delete this annoying antivirus tool once and for all.

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How to Remove PC Tools Efficiently

In order to tackle the removal of PC Tools, you will need to follow a somewhat complicated process. Unlike the simple uninstall procedure used by most other software programs, PC Tools requires a more hands-on approach. Firstly, you will need to navigate to the “Run” command through the “Start” menu. Here, you will enter the prompt, “services.msc”. Right click the PC Tools Antivirus Engine and click “Stop.”

You will also need to edit the registry through the “Run” process, entering a prompt for regedit. Expand the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” entry, followed by “Software” and “PC Tools.” You will then right click and delete PCTAV.

The same procedure is followed for “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,” though in the subfolders you will need to delete both “PCTAV” and “PCTAVSVC.” Finally, you will need to navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,” followed by the expansion of “Microsoft,” “Windows,” “Current Version,” and “Uninstall.” Then, “PC Tools AntiVirus_is1″ can be deleted.

The last step in the entire process is to open the Program Files folder on your machine and delete the PC Tools folder. This is the final step in removing the PC Tools software from your machine. In the future, you will likely want to consider antivirus solutions that are more appropriately geared towards your machine and capable of addressing your issues more effectively.


About the Author: An article is written by Sara Carter who likes social networks, google android, cyberdefender and psychology.

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  1. Amit Shaw says:

    Thanks Sara for this steps to removing pc tools. I am using auslogic which i won and now i want to remove that 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Amit Shaw recently posted..3 Things That You Can Do To Increase Your CTAMy Profile

  2. Andrei from DPF Delete Kits

    Instead of helping our PC run smoothly, it degrades the performance instead? That isn’t good. Is “Add/Remove Programs” not enough to uninstall PC tools?
    Thanks for the info and the steps, now I know.

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