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Home video surveillance is one of the best security options on the market these days. We aren’t just talking about home security involving protection from burglars either. A good system also helps with securing numerous concerns you might have in many areas other than just property protection.

Sure a nice video surveillance system will help with preventing people from wanting to access your property. Cameras make an excellent perimeter deterrent; much in the same way a good alarm system discourages people from breaking a window or kicking in a door. But it can also be used to keep track of a nanny, seeing who is at the front door, watching the baby or teenagers, and even checking in on the house when out of town.

It is like having an extra blanket of security and way to keep an eye on everything, anytime that you want. Plus, nowadays it is relatively easy to set up a system yourself.

What You Need

  • Computer with a stable internet connection
  • Wireless Router
  • Infrared Wireless Camera Kit
  • Tools for Mounting
video surveillance

Now we recommend a wireless system that works on a computer for many reasons. In today’s high-speed world with tablets, laptops, and smart phones being so available it makes sense to have a system you can check up on from anywhere. By setting up a system through a router controlled by your computer you can log-in remotely while on vacation or even just check on things via laptop when in the den. Wireless, of course, is used for ease of installation and the ability to move cameras around. Plus digital recording to a hard drive is easy to store and back-up.

Now each kit will have its own set of instructions for specific installation. It is hard to get very in-depth without knowing exactly which set-up you buy. Typically with wireless systems it is a simple matter to affix cameras and can be done in moments with a few screws. But we do have some basic tips to help get things situated.

Installation Tips

  • Pick camera locations that are high and out of sight. You want a good range of visibility but want to ensure people can’t reach the cameras to disable them.
  • Pick a system that can send you an alert either to your phone or an email when detecting motion. Usually you can set up custom alerts for a camera which would allow the ‘front door’ camera to signal an alert.
  • Don’t be stingy on the number of cameras you use. Peace of mind and protection is priceless sometimes and having an extra camera is better than too few to keep an eye on everything you want to see.
  • Recheck camera placement during daytime and at night. You want to make sure you have the same visibility in both conditions.
  • If you do get a system with its own computer, make sure it is placed in a well ventilated and protected location. Computers do not do well over time when shoved into a back closet.

Generally speaking if you can hook up your own computer or a TV and DVR system then you should be able to confidently install a home video surveillance system. While it does take time and a little patience, nobody knows more about your home and what is important to protect than you. Plus then only you know where all the cameras are!


About the Author: Nick Adams is a home security expert and a gun enthusiast. He runs a forum for gun lovers and contributes articles on home and personal security for homesecurity.inmyarea.com.

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  1. Peter Lee

    Many business owners installed these cameras in their outlets/stores so that to watch their employees working from the comfort of their home. This way, the business owners could manage/monitor a few outlets/stores at once without needing to go to the respective outlets/stores.
    Peter Lee recently posted..Why an External Hard Drive is Important to YouMy Profile

  2. Cass says:

    I think this is an essential security tool especially if you have a home office. Business data and other important stuff can be very attractive in the eyes of burglars or even people whom you think you can trust.

  3. Stef says:

    This is quite very helpful for every home and maybe even in small establishments. This will make us feel more secure in leaving our premises.

  4. CCTV design

    I would like to add comment about how bight you should install the camera.
    Too many people put the cameras at a height that is well out of reach but neglect the fact that the only see the tips of heads.
    Please mount it low enough to see faces.

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