3 Unique Ways to Stay Safe When Surfing the Internet

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If you are an avid internet user like me, one of the most important things you think about is security. You feel the urge to hide your computer’s keyboard while typing your passwords to prevent others nearby from catching a grasp of what your password is, and you still want to make sure that hackers don’t hijack your email address online.

But, not withstanding how cautious some people tend to be online, they still fall victim of one internet scams or hacking. With backings by solid research, over 20% of properties online have been stolen by hackers, over 600K Apple Mac computer have been infected with Flashback malware called Botnet and several webmasters watch their blogs go away every day.

I’m pretty certain you don’t want this trend of unfortunate vandalism to trail you down. That’s why I’m sharing tips on how to stay safe while surfing the web with you in this blog post.

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Mask Your Identity Online

I know you feel secure using your real name while using the internet. But this might lend a good helping hand to hackers looking for every opportunity to hijack anything you own. While it won’t be necessary to lie about your real identity on places like facebook and twitter, you might want to be extra cautious by using a code name on forums and other public chat rooms.

Doing this will not only conceal your identity to malevolent web-surfers, but it will also erase the possibilities of hackers tracing your name to your accounts online. I bet staying safe online comes with its own price too, and not revealing your identity on forums and chat rooms might be one of the price you have to pay.

Install Web Monitoring Apps on Your Computer

Another good way to keep yourself safe online would be to install a strong and reliable internet monitoring application on the computer you use to browse the internet. A web monitoring app will help you keep track of whatever is been done on your computer, making it possible for you to review your browsing history and make quick corrections where needed.

For example, if mistakenly you revealed the password to one of your accounts on the internet, you will get to know this when you review your browsing history and can easily change your password before a petty-hacker goes for it.

Getting a web monitoring app for your computer might come at a fee, though.

Avoid Sites the Snatches Your Information from you

You might think that virtually every site does this. Yes, virtually every site wants to have your details, but you will, of course, only give it to sites that you trust. For this reason, some sites have gone to the extreme by installing bad plugins that will illegally collect your information from you by installing cookies on your browser.

Then imagine this, if a site could steal your information from you, what guarantee do you have that the site will not sell it to hackers without a second thought?

Sites like this could be easily identified. And if you are not familiar with such sites, they are sites that use excessive and annoying pop-ups.

A quick way around this is to configure your web browser to automatically block pop-ups. And it’s strongly recommended you do not visit sites that hijack visitors’ information from them.


Staying safe on the internet can be compared to keeping your house secured. You don’t want someone poke-nosing at what you do in your house, or someone coming to borrow your T.V set while you are asleep. What measure of security do you put into guarding your home, putting that much into ensuring you are safe online can help you achieve the level of internet lifestyle you desire.


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  1. Arun Singh says:

    good post to be protected online but there is software Spotflux which is best for remain secure while you browsing.it protect you from virus and malware and hides your ip so your location is private.
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  2. Isha Singh says:

    It cool idea to use certain nickname as online identity! using antiphising software or spyware’s also help in safe surfing!
    Isha Singh recently posted..Go Social – Social Networking and BeyondMy Profile

  3. Ashok says:

    Try visiting the trusted websites. One should avoid completely unknown sites that look suspicious.
    Ashok recently posted..Protecting your privacy on InternetMy Profile

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