Why 4G iPad reportedly slated to be sold by Verizon and AT&T

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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the soon-to-be-released iPad 3 will be compatible with 4G LTE technology supported by AT&T and Verizon internet. The two companies are counting on the device to spark the interest of new customers and to encourage existing customers to purchase new plans.

iMore.com is stating that Apple will announce the release of the iPad 3 on March 7, 2012. This date correlates with other rumors stating that it will be announced during the first week of the month and Apple’s traditional announcement day of Wednesday.

Speculation abounds about the possible improvements to the device. Rumors include a new 2048 x 1535-pixel display and a quad core processor instead of the current two cores. There is some chatter that the iPad 3 may be smaller with an 8-inch display instead of its current 9.7-inch screen but while Apple is reportedly testing a smaller model, it is doubtful that they will actually release the product.

AT&T and Verizon internet are the only companies in the U.S. that have wireless networking capable of 4G LTE speeds of up to 75 Mbps. This improved speed is becoming essential to data-hungry applications and on-the-go professionals. The two companies are banking on consumer requirements for more reliable, fast Internet access to spur demand for the new technology. Future evolutions may produce speeds of up to 150 Mbps.

AT&T currently has 4G LTE available in 28 U.S. markets. This makes the technology available to more than 74 million Americans. Verizon currently offers 4G LTE technology to 196 markets that cover more than 200 million people. These statistics make the two companies the best choice to carry the new iPad 3. Both companies expect to have full nationwide 4G LTE coverage by the end of 2013. Until that time, consumers can still use their 4G LTE devices in other areas but will experience a slower network connection.

Apple has delayed the introduction of 4G LTE products allowing companies such as Motorola and Samsung to get a jump on the tablet market. However, with the release of a 4G LTE iPad 3 and the next generation iPhone, rumored to be released in October 2012, the company is sure to gain recognition as a leader in the 4G field.

4G LTE networks allow consumers to participate in video conferences and play online multiplayer games with less lag time and faster response time. Faster streaming allows users to watch TV or download movies to their iPad 3’s without the occasional delays seen with 3G or less capability.

Currently, AT&T and Verizon Communications offer the iPad 2 with a contract-free, month-to-month data plan the prevents subscribers from being tied to their provider. At this time, no one will say whether consumers will be able to purchase an iPad 3 without being required to sign a contract for coverage.

It is unclear at this time whether Apple will eventually offer an iPad 3 with 4G LTE capability to other wireless carriers. As we learned with AT&T’s exclusive contract with the original iPhone, it is a sure bet that neither AT&T nor Verizon will want other carriers to have the product. Since Apple seems to thrive on the excitement that the secrecy surrounding any product release brings, we will have to wait for the iPad 3’s unveiling to determine if all of the hype is true and Apple has truly released a new product or if the new iPad turns out to be an iPad2 with a few improvements.


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    Now that more information has come to light about the ipad 3, I am looking forward to buying it… I incorrectly assumed that the announcement date was the release date, but of course this is not the case. We have to wait one more week. I’m going to jump on the bandwagon, but the 4G doesn’t appeal to me… Almost anywhere you go these days has free wi-fi, so in my opinion the added charges for 4G is not necessary… Great job guest-posting by the way, well done..
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    4G LTE with iPad 3 is going to be a WIN-WIN situation for both Apple and Verizon and AT&T. Since more number of people are demanding for blazing flash speeds on their mobile devices, this introduction of a 4G LTE supported device will be a bang-on in the market.

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