When is Your Child Secure on The Internet?

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Safety has been one of the major concerns of parents whose children spend a lot of time on the internet. Many parents cannot even tell when a predator is preying on their children on the internet, and this might be due to the fact that parents don’t often pay attention to what their children do on the internet. But you really need to pay full attention to your children’s online activities so that you can know when they are safe on the internet and when they need your emotional support as a parent.

Considering how feeble the mind of young people may tend to be, it can be difficult to tell when your children are secure on the internet from when they are not. In this article, I’m going to share some tips that will help you know when your child is secure on the internet and when he is not.

Children Love to Share their Happy Moments

If you have been studying your children very well, you’d have noticed how their face glee when they are excited – they love to share their happy moments, unlike adults who often conceal most of their emotional feelings. But with the rise of technology and internet communication improving by the day, children can get exposed to many emotional treats that can affect their day to day activities.

Study your children very closely, and whenever you notice a sign of anxiety in them try to find out the cause of their anxiety. In the case whereby they are unwilling to reveal the cause to you, you can easily trace it to their online activities by installing online monitoring software like Webwatcher, Verisign or Norton.

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Ask who their Online Friends are

While this might seem intrusive, it can go a very long way to help you ensure that your children don’t interact with strangers online. The cause of most internet dangers children face on the internet lies with interacting with strangers. When your children divulge too many information about themselves to strangers on the internet, they no longer are safe because anything can be done with the details they’ve shared online.

You should ask your children occasionally who their online friends are, so that you can know the impact their online interaction is having on them. You should always advise your children against communicating with people that are older than them on the internet.

Relating with older people online can often result to cyber bullying, molesting and extorting delicate information from them.

Use Internet Monitoring Services

Use a good internet monitoring service on your children’s computers so that you can monitor their online activities and reduce the tendency of them having to interact with strangers on the internet. Why most parents don’t usually go for online monitoring services is the cost involved in running them, but with a discount offer for Webwatcher and Verisign coupons, I don’t think your budget would be hurt if you get one for your kids’ computer.

After installing a monitoring program, you should then track their every activity by checking the log that is recorded by your monitoring software. This log will have each detail of their online activities down to the very keystroke of the keyboard. You can then use this to caution them about what you don’t want them to do and which website you don’t like them visiting.


About the Author: Steven is an internet prey prevention expert who spends time searching for best webwatcher coupon code and verisign promo which he collects on his blog. You can learn more about Webwatcher discount codes and Verisign coupons by visiting his blog.

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  1. You have to pay additional costs but I should say internet monitoring services are really a great help. I don’t want to sound rude, but only few children will tell you honestly if they’ve been visiting some adult sites, so it’s no use asking them about their online friends.

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