How to Fight Spam

Where there are e-mail users, there will be spam. Spam refers to unwanted e-mail messages that are often unsolicited. These simply appear on an account owner’s inbox, usually promoting a product or service or inviting the user to participate in an activity. Spam is generally harmless but exceedingly annoying. Here are ways on how to fight spam and get your inbox space back:


Do Not Reply

If you have been using e-mail messaging for some time, chances are you have been spammed. Once they receive this message, most people click on the link that offers to ‘unsubscribe’ them. This is a mistake. Doing so will not unsubscribe you from the spam list. Instead, it will only confirm to the sender that your e-mail address is active and that someone is indeed using it. This greenlights the spamming service and prompts your sender to send more.

So what are you supposed to do? Simply ignore the message. Over time, it will simply go away once senders begin to think that your e-mail address is inactive.

Avoid Opening E-mails From Unknown Senders

Some unsolicited messages are easy to spot while others look legit. However, these too, might be masquerading as spam. If a message is from an unknown sender, avoid opening it and send it to your spam folder instead.

Choose ISPs With Established Spam Policy

There are Internet service providers that offer extra protection for their clients, particularly against spam. Look for ISPs that have filtering services for incoming spam, avoid websites that advertise spam and penalize clients who send out spamming messages.

Be Careful About Who You Befriend…

Or at least offer your e-mail address to. This is the Internet, after all and if you are careless about your e-mail address – particularly your primary one – you could end up with an inbox-load of spam messages. To keep your e-mail address from the itchy hands of spammers, avoid posting it online as much as possible, particularly in chat rooms, forums and discussion boards.

If you have a website and posting your e-mail address is unavoidable, alter it slightly. Let us say your address is When posting online, change it to myname(at)webaddress(dot)com to thwart automatic address harvesters.

You could also create a separate e-mail address for use on chat rooms or for posting on and ordering from websites. Any spam message that gets through will be focused on one address and will be easier to control.

Be Careful About Agreements

The privacy policies of websites are posted for a reason, so take time to read them. Check for clauses or statements that say that the site reserves the right to share information you provide. Some sites do this, usually to support their advertisers or suppliers. Make sure you sign up only with sites that allow you to opt out.

Fighting Spam

This may not be good news but until someone makes spam illegal, it is here to stay. However, using the tips recommended above will help minimize its presence and prevent it from wrecking havoc on your e-mail.


Do you have any tips to fight or reduce spam efficiently? Let us know in the comments.


About the author : Knowing how annoying spam emails are, Peter Lee understands it’s next to impossible to totally get rid of spam. He thinks email users should practise good email etiquette while sending emails and this will surely help in keeping spam under control.

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  1. Amit Shaw says:

    Huh!!!! Nice to See you Peter.
    You have mentioned Great Tips here. We can’t stop spamming but yes we can fight with it.
    I dont know Peter (MEDIA SPONSORS ) but from last 2 years the percentage of Spammer is increasing day by day.
    Hope we can stop it which is not possible ;).
    Thanks for the Tips.
    Amit Shaw
    Amit Shaw recently posted..Tips to Secure your Blogger Blog from HackersMy Profile

  2. Brad says: also helps regarding spam.
    Brad recently posted..Pothole Season app perfect for this years pothole seasonMy Profile

  3. Bhing. A. says:

    Great post, Peter. Anyway, I had terrible experiences with spam messages. I had to reformat my computer several times after it was hit by some viruses brought about by those spam messages. Not to mention, they seem to multiply everyday bombarding my email with useless messages. Now, I always delete all spam messages. I guess that is at least the best way to stay safe.
    Bhing. A. recently posted..Earn Money By Becoming a Mystery ShopperMy Profile

  4. Nhick from IT Rush

    Agree with Brad, spamcop helps, take the spammers ip, use spambox to process the spam message, email the culprit and complain.. nice post Peter.
    Nhick recently posted..Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX for PC and Mac – Works on almost any type of surfaceMy Profile

  5. Atish says:

    Nice post Peter. I always be very careful at the time of checking emails because spammers target emailing for hacking and all. Good to see you here. Even daily I got 15+ emails in my spam box. 🙁
    Atish recently posted..Why your Mobile Phone Camera Is Better Than A Film CameraMy Profile

  6. Ray says:

    Spam sure isn’t going away anytime soon that’s for sure. I am wondering about when someone forwards an email message to others. It seems to me if I recall everyone’s email gets attached to a forward. Then, if the forward gets sent to someone that likes to spam look out. I don’t recall for sure, and I rarely forward email anymore. I would guess that a lot of people still do though. I can’t imagine the amount of spam some large companies get on a given day, or how they mange to keep up with it.
    Ray recently posted..Massive Blog Comment CountMy Profile

  7. PenTester says:

    To prevent getting spam mails, avoid sharing your emails in un-trusted service and hide your email in forum board and more tricks can avoid it.
    Never look into your spam folder.
    PenTester recently posted..Spam mail promotes Fake Antivirus : Windows Risk MinimizerMy Profile

  8. Peter Lee

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    Peter Lee recently posted..Why an External Hard Drive is Important to YouMy Profile

  9. Tan from pain in left side of stomach

    Hey Peter, change your email address to myname(at)webaddress(dot)com when you publish in publicly is useless. I think people smart enough to write a script just to extract your email. Maybe will help…
    Tan recently posted..Basics about stomach pain left sideMy Profile

  10. Amit says:

    Nice post peter ,Fighting spam is really a tough task and We have to deal with it otherwise our blog will be in danger ,There are many plugins for wordpress like Akismet,limit login attempts etc. are available that helps us to fight with spam ..Thanks
    Amit recently posted..Promote your Blog or Website to Make More MoneyMy Profile

  11. Peter Indjev says:

    Please do not ignore the spam because deleting it and filtering it is equal to ignoring it! You can even make a profit from the annoying messages but You have to give a few minutes of Your precious time to investigate further the junk mail! You can read the book How to make money opposing spammers available on amazon at It is available for free and I’ve changed my vision when I’ve read it. Before, I was deleting all the spam messages that have passed my filter but I understood that it only makes the things worse.

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