What is Computer Security?

Readers of this blog might had complained long time ago where I had been talking about security all this while but never really go into the terminology of Computer Security. Even I myself had been asking myself about this term “Computer Security” when I drafted my post on how to remove virus which part of computer security.

I think I have the responsibility to at least let everyone know what I think about computer security, at least in my very own words. I would like to start off with the quotation given by the famous WikiPedia.

The words which defined what is Computer Security

The objective of computer security includes protection of information and property from theft, corruption, or natural disaster, while allowing the information and property to remain accessible and productive to its intended users.

– Says Wikipedia


In short, computer security is the thing which protects the information in your computer starting from your system files, personal files, backup files up to your temporary files. The thing which I mentioned here is your group of allies which consists of antivirus, firewall, data encryption software and many more which I will be going into them later on.

Now you know what you are protecting and so let’s get into our foes. Your foes in computer security is clearly all the Malware which consists of Virus, Trojan, Worms, Spyware, Scareware and many more where you can read their differences over in my post on Malware Types.

What about internet scam? Let’s not get out of topic. If I want to talk about internet security, I will write another post for you on that. My point of bringing the internet scam out is to clearly tell you that, your main and only enemy is the Malware. Not DDoS as well although they are closely related because I would consider that as network security. Pretty tough huh…

The allies of Computer Security

Your allies are the items such as antivirus, firewall and those which I mentioned above. If you are running a system without those items, you are likely to welcome Malware into it. Put it another way, it is like running a country without policeman, doctor, and fireman. It will be messy with crimes happening whenever you had your eyes opened.

Nobody wants their computer system to be like that. That is why I am here today, and you are here now, to allow me to introduce the allies of computer security.

The thing which get rid of your foes – Antivirus

Disinfecting and alerting you whenever a Malware breach into your system is the purpose of the existence of the antivirus. Great protection does not come cheap – if you read on my post on that and you can continue to rely on the free Microsoft Security Essentials to do the job even after reading it. But if you are not, my personal recommendation is the Kaspersky Internet Security.

The thing which prevents your foes from coming in – Firewall

I had stressed many times that Antivirus is not a Firewall. You need to have both in place because if I were you, I want to prevent an infection rather than disinfecting them. However, if your Firewall happened to miss certain Malware, you still have Antivirus in place as your backup plan. If you followed my preference, I will stick to the firewall bundled with Kaspersky Internet Security.

The thing which prevents your foes from stealing your data – Data Encryption

Not many of us encrypted our data. As a result, when someone copied your file over, they can immediately see what’s the content. You don’t have data privacy anymore and who knows it might be something important such as your bank account balance where the attacker will start targeting you due to that. I had not been using any commercial data encryption software but still doing good with TrueCrypt, which is free to protect all my important data.

The thing which prevents your foes from destroying your life – Data Backup

Some virus is there to destroy only. They have no intention to steal your data or to monitor your daily life. What they do is to irritate you by destroying all your files and probably even system files which caused your computer not able to start properly. When all these things happened, you will lose all your important data such as your once-in-a-lifetime wedding clip, your photos which are full or memories, your MP3s, movies and important documents. To solve these problems, you need to have a pc backup software. You can choose to save cost and manually backup your data as long as you have a backup copy of your important stuff.

The thing which prevent your foes from tracing footstep – Privacy Cleaner

It is very true that when you delete a data from your computer and even removing it from the Recycle Bin, it is still not completely removed. I’m not too sure why but if someone really wants to retrieve what you had deleted, it can be possible. If you have the habit of removing important documents or files from your computer and hope that no one will find it anyhow anywhere, you should use a privacy cleaner software. Remember that cleaning your privacy includes as well removing all your temporary data from your web browser.

What is Computer Security – Can You Define Now?

After almost a year blogging about security, I finally came to the definition of Computer Security. What about you? Do you have any other tool to enhance your computer security? Let’s share out below.

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  1. Cody says:

    Great post! Computer security is on the rise quicker than it ever has before. Whether a home user or business user, protecting your network from cyber criminals is a must. Here are a few other tips that can help ensure your assets are protected. Use security software that updates automatically, treat your personal information like cash, check out companies to find out who you’re really dealing with, give personal information over encrypted websites only, protect your passwords, and back up your files.

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