Types of computer network security

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With the development of the technology of computers, network connectivity and data storage is enhanced boosting the IT industry as a whole. Computer network security plays a major role in protecting one’s PC from unauthorized access such as virus, malware and unauthentic software programs that are harmful to our system. System safety and network security is more important as they help in keeping away from system hackers and crackers working to cause an interruption in data workability leading to loss of data. Computers usually has its utility in various fields such as in medicine, research and development, shopping, banks, software industry and in communicational field helping in the operations of storing, analyzing and processing of data in regards to the specific industry.

Computer software is ensured for safety with the help of right kind of anti-virus software, data transfer via packet encryption-decryption techniques and security accessibility features safeguarding your PC. When we have a look at the network security it is important to consider the connectivity aspects such as network connection as well as Internet communication and data sharing.

Internet connectivity is one of the factors which pave way for the entry of unauthorized data into your PC as most of the viruses get downloaded along with the other data from internet due to weak firewall protection. Networking routers help you in establishing connectivity between a modem and several systems to share the Internet connection based on the capacity of the router model.  System engineers take up the responsibility of protecting the network system and its data implementing the right software techniques.

System Firewall

Firewall acts as a protecting shield keeping away unauthorized data from entering into your system without your permission. There are two types of firewall namely, software firewall and network firewall. Software firewall is specialized software that is allowed to run on any individual PC, while network firewall includes more computer systems being included into the system. Preconfigured security policies that are being framed for some of the home computer users facilitate to protect their personal computers.

Understanding the network security concept is more important to protect your PC making use of authentication system that is implementing strong username and password to protect your data. Security management terms is more important in your business development and maintenance activities bringing together some of the network security techniques. In most cases performance disturbance such as denial of services, virus and worms attacks, sniffing and Trojan horse affect our system. To safeguard the system today most of the new PCs and laptops come up with inbuilt anti-virus features, where they are to be updated with the software.


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