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Over half a century ago many futurists speculated as to how our world would look after the millennium – Many of them were way off, but some of the prophesied factors are finally becoming a reality for many people. One notion in particular is how smart home technology is becoming more popular and allowing users to synchronize their technological devices together so they can be operated through a hub and even monitored remotely through the internet. Smart home technology is leading the way to allowing users the ability to not only monitor their internal technologies, but also the ability to set up a virtual moat around their homes using security cameras and setting up a centralized hub to monitor everything.

Having a home security system command center is a dream of many, and setting one up has finally become much more accessible thanks to the work of many technological geniuses in translating across programming languages so the smart home technology system can talk to multiple devices in a very functional way. Having a command center would allow you to control everything in your home at the push of the button as well as the monitoring omnipotence many only dream of. The questions that are probably on everyone’s mind in regard to a command center is, “How do you set one up and how much does it cost?”

As with any great work of art you need to first decide on the components, and minimum required aspects of a home security command center would be the following:

Security Cameras – The mere aspect of seeing a surveillance camera would deter even the greatest of criminals from attempting to break into your home as well as allow you to see what is happening both in and all around your house. Cameras come in all shapes and sizes, with costs to match. Depending on how powerful you want your surveillance cameras to be, the price can range from $30 all the way up to the thousands. You can often find great deals if you shop around for a little while online at sites like Amazon and Overstock, but the discounts will vary.

Monitors – Depending on how many cameras you decide on having, you can either host all the feeds on a single monitor, or get multiple monitors so you can monitor multiple feeds at once. Monitors starting in the 20+ inch category will start you at a cost of approximately $170 and continue upward.

Smart Home Technology – There are many smart home technology companies, but make sure you choose one based not only on the home security command center you’re building, but on something that will also incorporate all other aspects of your technological devices into it. Your command center will definitely be more efficient as its ability to control more things from a single post increases. Some companies to research would be Control4, X10, and INSTEON.

Whether you are a technophile who wants the challenge of setting up a smart home technology hub, or someone who would just like to know what’s going on around them from the safety of their room, a command center is a very good answer and will only become more prevalent in our homes the further we progress through time. The futurists of the past would have loved the opportunity to be in your shoes and see how far we have come with technology.


About the Author: Madison Parker is a security expert whose interests range from home security systems, to personal security. Get more tips and advice at the blog Home Security Systems!

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  1. Anna says:

    I used to be against these security measures. But once I was robbed, while sleeping with 3 kids at home – no security measure is safe enough for me! Still I believe I can put more cameras…

    • Alan Tay says:

      That is a bad experience, Anna. So any improvements since then? What other security measures that you will highly recommend based on your experience?

  2. rony says:

    Thank you four nice writing The Home Security Command Center. It will help me for my research on Recycle.

  3. Derek says:

    I used to be just like Anna. I lived in quiet neighborhood, knew all my neighbors, there was no crime here, ever. I could not have felt more safe, I wouldnt even worry if I forgot to lock my door when I left the house for work. Then my wife and I went on vacation. We spent 2 weeks in Alaska out in the wilderness, hiking, camping, having the time of our lives. We didn’t think once about the security of our home. We we came back, we noticed the window in the front broken and open. When we went inside we found the place trashed, our HDTV was gone, my wife’s jewelry stolen, and my home theater ripped right off the walls. They even drank one of my beers! Unfortunately they took the bottle with them, so we couldnt get any DNA off it (if the cops would even try to test for it). My world was completely shaken, I had no faith in the security of our home. I immediately started looking into home security. I called all the familiar guys, like ADT, brinks, and then the smaller guys like protect america and life shield. They all had great features, but I hated the idea of being locked into a contract, and the monitoring was $45-60 a month! A co-worker told me to check out I started by calling them, explaining what happened, and theyw ere the nicest guys ever, never pushy, didnt try to pressure me into buying stuff I didnt need. He explained that they have no contracts, only 15 a month for monitoring. You do have to pay for the equipment up front, it cost me more than $300 for the system, but I thought it was worth it, I jsut felt so much more comfortable with these guys. The system is great, made me feel much better and finally at ease at home, but then I read this article. I never even thought about having a “command center.” Im a pretty techy guy so this really appealed to me, so i called simplisafe again and asked them abotu cameras, remote operation of the system, things like that, and they said that its all coming out this year. Being able to see whats happening in my home from anywhere in the world will give me ultimate peace of mind when I leave in the future.

  4. Inez Falencia

    I think in terms of home security there are many aspects that must be understood better than from the technology. Perhaps the home environment into consideration whether we should use a home security device or not, because if we are quite familiar in the neighborhood, usually do not need to install home security devices, we can keep each other
    Inez Falencia recently posted..Home Alarm System Made SimpleMy Profile

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