Some Security & Privacy Extensions For The Chrome Browser

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Google chrome web store comprises several extensions that help safeguard the system thoroughly by providing security and privacy while using chrome. Though the add-on ecosystem for google chrome consumed a longer duration for rendering protection, the web browser has finally latched on to security and privacy add-ons for users worldwide. Listed below are certain significant security and privacy extensions for the chrome browser that ascertain the system remains stonewalled from undesired cookies, plug-ins and other malicious components.

1. NotScripts

Developed to deliver unprecedented security, NotScripts by chrome helps thwart JavaScript from running across the web-pages that are visited. By taking advantage of the tool, users can conveniently add unwanted websites to NotScripts’ Whitelist and prevent JavaScript. The secure software however requires a custom password once the user has installed the text file. Nevertheless, one can even block plug-ins like adobe flash through the extension.

2. Adblock Plus

The feature-rich Adblock Plus enables users to block tracking scripts. Designed by the same developers who created Firefox Adblock Plus, the tool for chrome provides the freedom to close off ads and tracking scripts. The software’s default set of filters obstructs ads as well. However, the software has been endowed with the ability to block only known threats.

3. Ghostery

The powerful tracking script blocker refurbishes the entire experience by offering utmost security. The software functions seamlessly by putting forth a list that subsumes an extensive range of information. Besides ascertain protection, Ghostery offers users information on the opt-out pages, ad networks and details of the privacy policy. The tool even enables users to block the networks through several customization options. The user-friendly extension furthermore lets people access the hidden information.

4. KB SSL Enforcer

Another powerful extension for google chrome browser is KB SSL Enforcer. Similar to Firefox HTTPS everywhere Add-on in several ways, the application puts forth websites that lend support to HTTPS. The use of software also takes the user to the HTTPS site automatically. Some websites including twitter and wikipedia do lend support to HTTPS encryption but do not direct one to the HTTPS website by default. KB SSL Enforcer, on the other hand, helps an individual do that. Not many would realize but the execution of such action will simply enable users to protect their browsing activities from prying eyes.

5. Vanilla Cookie Manager

Developed to handle cookies in an efficient manner, Vanilla cookie manager works as productively as NotScripts functions for JavaScript. The feature-rich chrome extension seamlessly obstructs the cookies by default. Users can even save their login information and preferences by taking advantage of Vanilla cookie manager. Besides all these, the solution gives users the convenience or option to enable cookies for a particular website by simply clicking on vanilla icon. The stated icon can further be discovered resting in the address bar.

The above mentioned security and privacy extensions certainly affirm inclusive protection for the google chrome browser. Users can simply download them from their respective sites and have their browser thoroughly safeguarded. The tools ascertain a reliable extension if you wish you block out the tracking scripts, JavaScript, plug-ins and cookies.


About the author: Rebecca is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on Wireless Router technology. Beside this she is fond of Swatch Watches. These days she is busy in writing an article on Nikon Coolpix L120.

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  1. Anna says:

    I must admit that I was long time with my Mozilla and just recently I am using from time to time Google! As a newbie, I found this info very helpful! Thanks!

    • Alan Tay says:

      Thanks, Anna. It is cool if you are totally okay with Mozilla. Web browser is a kind of thing where everyone has different preference.

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