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Review of: Slow-PCfighter
Alan Tay

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On January 25, 2012
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Slow-PCfighter is a system optimizer or registry cleaner which helps any computer user to boosts the computer performance by fixing the issue of slow PC

Slow-PCfighter is a system optimizer or registry cleaner which helps any computer user to boosts the computer performance by fixing the issue of slow PC. If you have not heard of this product, it is from SPAMfighter where they are the expert of anti-spam software. What about PC optimizer? Let’s see.


First Impression

Slow-PCfighter comes with an installer size of 4MB and it is pretty small where you can have it downloaded and installed within 15 minutes under a smooth condition. There are five main tabs of this software which are Home, Scan for Errors, Recover from Backup, Settings and Startup Manager.

Those are pretty standard tabs or interface for a Registry Cleaner where you can find in most Registry Cleaners today. There is one thing which I don’t really like about the design of the software is that it displayed all their products at the top right of the main interface. It looks to me like an advertisement and nobody likes to pay for an application and yet, still have advertisement. I think there should be a way get rid of those icons probably in the software settings.

The other thing about the software is that it has a design which looks a little out-dated. Although generally it is an easy to use software, but the design with too many icons deployed in a single screen makes it looks like a complicated to use software. However, these are all the first impression of the software and why not check out the feature of the product.


Features of Slow-PCfighter

1. Extend the life of your PC

I am not too sure how it can extend the life of a PC through registry cleaning, but one thing I am sure is there is some performance improved. I don’t really benchmark my PC performance, but I do realize there is a faster start up than before. I also have one of my software finally successfully uninstalled using Slow-PCfighter. I had already tried many free to paid registry cleaner to do the job, but all failed. The thing which I am trying to uninstall is the Secure Uninstaller and if you had this program installed and not able to completely remove this application, just try to use this software.

2. Avoid System Failure

I had scanned my computer and detected 2608 errors. I never really have system failure before this and after fixing all the errors and have my system to run for another week, I also don’t experience any system failure. I know this proof nothing but at least I am sure that letting Slow-PCfighter fixes my computer does not bring any problem. This also show that it does not simply apply changes to your system.

after fix

System errors detected and fixed on my computer

3. Fast and easy to use

Talking about scanning and cleaning, Slow-PCfighter lives up to the standard of being fast. It is also easy to use where you don’t really need to read through any manuals to start using it. It also provides an auto-backup feature everytime before you scan so that you will have no chance to be careless of forgetting to backup. However, the problem I have here is this auto-backup feature is a MUST. You can escape and there is no way for you to perform a manual backup. At times when I want to save some time to just scan and clean without backing up, it is not possible. I also realized one thing here is the backup process is a little slow despite it has an awesome scanning and cleaning speed.


Slow-PCfighter Pros and Cons

The cons of Slow-PCfighter:

  • Although you pay for the software, the graphical user interface still looks like a freeware. The look alike advertisement is a pretty bad idea.
  • Backup process is a little slow compare to other registry cleaner.
  • No manual backup of your registry.

The pros of Slow-PCfighter:

  • Fast scanning and cleaning process.
  • The cleaning is effective where it manages to remove one of my problems which many registry cleaners from free to paid couldn’t.
  • Pretty easy to use where the layout is simple and instructions to use is very direct.


Slow-PCfighter Conclusion

Slow-PCfighter rated well overall. It lives up to the expectation of scanning and cleaning fast and most importantly, easy to use. These two features make any novice PC user has no problem at all using the software. The only drawback which I personally don’t like is the advertisements on the top right corner. Although it does not present as an advertisement directly, but some users will see it, just like me. Apart from that, with the value of $19.95 for a one year license, it is quite a valuable product considering that most registry cleaners today priced around $30-$40. If you are interested in getting a Registry Cleaner, why not let diagnose your PC for free first.

slow pcfighter scan

Slow-PCfighter is a system optimizer or registry cleaner which helps any computer user to boosts the computer performance by fixing the issue of slow PC
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  1. Dominic from says:

    Great review Alan. I actually tested this software as well and I pretty much agree with you. It did well and had a great price at 19.95. However, the UI did seem a little clunky and I also found a few other registry cleaners to perform a bit better. The ones that performed better where more expensive though.

    • Alan Tay says:

      I agreed with the UI thing but overall the product is still okay. What’s the most expensive Registry Cleaner that you had overcome?

      • Dominic from says:

        Hey there,

        I found that RegistryBooster and Registry Mechanic performed a bit better. However, these were only very slightly better and the price is a bit more. So, I still think Slow-PCfighter is a good buy.

  2. ha14 says:

    This is a nice tool, many registry cleaners comes with windows temp files cleaning tools, wonder why Slow-PCfighter do not have even a basic one. Because removing old files can help in identifying more invalid reg keys?

    • Alan Tay says:

      I’m not too sure what removing old files can hard the registry but I think Slow-PCfighter did not provide this function simply because it is available in the Windows Disk Cleanup feature. I wonder if it is sufficient to you or you are looking for something more?

  3. Louie says:

    Slow-PCfighter seems like a solid software. Great review.

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