Google Chrome – An Awesome Browser for Security & Speed

I had been using Google Chrome for a very long time ago and until today, I still cannot find a reason for me to make a switch. I didn’t mean other browsers are lousy, don’t get me wrong here. Other browsers are awesome as well but Google Chrome is not something replaceable to me.

I’m not going to blog how awesome it is in this post because it is going to take thousands of words to just talk about its awesomeness. I just want to highlight two things here which are Speed and Security.

The Chrome’s Lightning Speed

One thing I want to highlight here. The Chrome’s lightning speed which I am referring to is not the internet browsing speed. If I say it boosts your internet browsing speed by 70%-80%, I’m sure many tech readers here gonna shoot me hard.

It is only the start up is fast, but good enough. Personally, I feel annoyed when the web browser start up slowly. It’s like after I open the web browser, I have to wait for another 5-10 seconds for the thing to pop up.

IE has the feature to disable all start ups and Firefox has the plugin to boost the speed of the web browser start up. None of those can compare with Google Chrome’s start up at stock settings. Try it and you will believe me.

It Gets More and More Secure

Google Chrome introduced Safe Browsing sometime ago to make the browser strong against cyber crooks. It helps you to identify malicious website and phishing website and it is still working perfectly today. But what about downloads?

Yes, it is now protected (according to Google Chrome Blog). If you happen to download any .exe file or .msi file, the Chrome will help you to check the content of the file and warn you if it happen as well to be malicious.

Let’s all stay secure when browsing the internet and downloading stuff. Identify whether your web browser is doing what Google Chrome is doing especially the security part. If it is better, keep it but if it don’t, think of a switch. 😉

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  1. Peter Lee from Computer How To Guide

    I’ve been using firefox since don’t know when (for a very long time that is), although much had been said about chrome’s security feature is better then the rest, I still think they are pros and cons among all the web browsers. In the end, it all comes to personal preference I guess. As of now, I’m sticking with firefox 🙂
    Peter Lee recently posted..How To Speed Up Your ComputerMy Profile

    • Alan Tay says:

      It is good to stick to your preference. Although I talked a lot about Chrome, but I think my post is quite personal 😉

      It is only good to convince people to stick with Chrome if they are using Chrome ^_^

  2. Chrome may be faster than other browsers when it comes to executing javascript code, but its much slower than other browsers when it comes to start up.

    I prefer using firefox when I am coding, just because of firebug and that I cant get Chrome Developers console, but many at times when I am testing some javascript code does FF just crash and sits there.

    • Alan Tay says:

      Not too sure about the Javascript performance but I do know about the benefit of firebug. It is a great add on for firefox especially for developers and also software testers.

  3. jonathan says:

    Yup, Chrome is a great browser I use it quite extensively, but must admit my default is still firefox. I would actually not put too much trust in chrome, firefox etc “scanning for viruses” and trust my AV more. None of the browsers are specialists in the area of checking files for issues, and the anti-virus is. If you have the right one, as the file finishes downloading and as you try to do something with it, it will scan anyway.

    Just my throughts from and (ex) security guy

    • Alan Tay says:

      I totally agree with you, Jonathan. This is the part where people don’t make use of their AV. Most of the time, user’s AV is just sleeping there until some intrusion alarmed. If we practice to scan everyday download, infections can be greatly reduced.

  4. Toby Hanks says:

    I love google chrome and it’s best browser for me, but only thing i hate about chrome is that every extension run it’s own process.

    • Alan Tay says:

      Does it means the resources to run Google Chrome is going to be very high which resulted in slower computer speed, Toby?

  5. Michael says:

    It seems to give a strong reason for me to switch over to Google Chrome. I have been using IE and Firefox and facing slow surfing and bug issues quite often. I hope Chrome will solve this problem for me.

    • Alan Tay says:

      Well, Michael, it could solve your problem but you have to remember that it does not solve slow internet speed problem 😉

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