Top 10 Security News of 2011

2011 is coming to an end and this article is all about the top 10 security news of the year. I am sure you don’t want to miss any of the big news of this year and here we go…


1. Mac is no longer indestructible

Mac was once indestructible where there aren’t a lot of Mac Malware development at that time. However with the increase of users in Mac especially iPhone and iPad users, cyber crooks started to develop Malware for the Mac. Just early quarter of this year, they were hit with a scareware which scare the users to buy a bogus antivirus which practically does nothing. Look around us. There are antivirus for the Mac now!


2. Zeus is for SALE now

A famous information stealing Trojan, Zeus which is capable of even changing transaction information with some client scripting to start up Man in the Browser is up for sale. You can now imagine what will happen if all the amateur cyber crooks wanna-be who got the toolkit will start hacking around like an expert.


3. Sony PSN owned

Sony network hacked with millions of credit card, username and password information leaked forcing each and every registered users to change their credit card number for a better security. That is the lesson paid when you screw up another hacker’s life. So don’t even try to screw up any hackers around.


Image Credit: Salvatore Vuono


4. DigiNotar CA hacked and goes bankrupt

DigiNotar is so serious that their root certificate actually hacked and issued an intermediate CA which can continue to issue more fraudulent certificates to people around the world. The hacked of DigiNotar is pretty hard to stop and the only way to give the world a peace is to disband this CA. So sorry DigiNotar…


5. Scarlett Johansson went naked on the internet

We don’t know who hacked her phone for those pictures but seems that those naked picture posted are true. When this news went to the internet, many people actually Googled for those pictures and most of those traffic even landed on my post and went off the minute after realizing they are not going to get those pictures from my site. However, don’t try to do anything stupid by posting those pictures on your own blog because she is taking serious legal action against them.


6. RSA security devices compromised

RSA internal network was breached by someone who manage to stole some secret code of all the RSA SecurID in the world. That secret code together with some other parameters are able to be used to guess the 6 random numbers generated on the security device. As a result, this security breach has compromised many RSA SecurID out there and RSA is professional enough to replace as many as they could.

7. Watch out for these Android Malware

Android users has to know one thing is this platform is full of Malware. This is just five of them and there are still many out there. If you are on Android just like me, there is no excuse for you not to have a Mobile AV or Mobile Security installed. Unless you are perfectly fine with people stealing your data without letting you know.


8. Jailbreak your iPhone with just a SLIDE

I don’t have to tell you what is jailbreak in detail but the basic idea here is, to free your iPhone from jail. Jailbreaking gives your iPhone the freedom to install apps which are not from Apple Store. The method to Jailbreak an iPhone is pretty complicated, but there is one range of iOS version which you can jailbreak with just a slide on your phone. It is cool and you should watch the video at least even you are not interested in jailbreaking.


9. Down!!!

The Mastercard website was down twice due to some DDOS hack. The reason is they are not willing to release some wikileaks payment which trigger the anger between hackers to knock down the site as part of the punishment.


10. Heavy DDOS knocks off Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Hackers knock off the HKSE with some DDOS attack sending all the investors back to stone age where the stock exchange news were deliver using traditional newspaper and also television. It is not only once, but twice they were hit with this heavy DDOS.


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