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On December 18, 2011
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This piece of article is the Genie Timeline Backup Professional 2 review where this product serves for the purpose of data backup and disaster recovery.

This piece of article is the Genie Timeline Backup Professional 2 review where this product serves for the purpose of data backup and disaster recovery. Don’t get the word ‘Professional’ there wrong because this product is not meant for the professionals only.

Even though I am not some professional backup user, but I find it easy to use when backing up my stuff. Lets get down to the review and see what are the good and bad of Genie Timeline.

First Impression

You need sometime to get the files downloaded because it’s size is almost 150MB. Once you get through this stage, the rest will be piece of cake. The installation and configuration is very straight forward.

Genie Configuration

The design of the system is also pretty modern and professional. Once you have all your files backed up, you can also view them from the Timeline Explorer easily. This is for you to ensure that all the files that you want this software to backup is all in the backup drive.

Features of Genie Timeline Professional

1. Controlled Performance

Probably this is one of my own term for Genie Timeline but what I really mean here is, you get to control the performance of  the backup. There is Smart Mode and Turbo Mode where you will usually use Smart Mode on a daily basis so that the backup process does not interfere with your work by taking up the computer resources for backup purpose. On the other side, the Turbo Mode is enabled when you are not using your computer where it will greatly speed up the backup process. However, this is not necessary because when your computer is idle, it will automatically use up all the resources for backup. You only need to turn on the Turbo Mode when you insists Genie Timeline to backup all your matter at all cost.

2. Save Space

When you use Genie Timeline to backup, it has the option to compress your backup file. This will save a lot of space compare to you backing up your data manually. Backing up manually usually doubled the size you want to backup and if the backup size is pretty large, you are going to need another hard drive…probably.

3. Convenient Backup Process

There is nothing difficult in backing up your data with Genie Timeline. You don’t have to schedule a daily backup or a monthly backup. It is a continuous backup. This means that whenever you have a new file copied into your hard disk which you had already configured Genie to backup that type of file, it will automatically back it up for you. All you need is to check your backup status to ensure everything is properly done. If you are too busy, you can also configure Genie to send you an email notification on the backup. Everything is pretty automated here.

4. Support Mobile Devices

Blackberry, iPhone and iPad users can make use of this software to backup your stuff. Sorry to Android users but you are still not supported to use Genie yet. However this feature is still new and who knows Android is the next thing to be supported. For Blackberry, iPhone and iPad users, you can also monitor your backup process using your device.

genie backup type

5. Support Multiple File Types

You can backup almost everything using Genie Timeline. Music, pictures, documents, your desktop, bookmarks and many more. By having a selection of data type to be backed up, you don’t have to backup all the unnecessary items. As a result, be sure you configured your Genie well before starting a backup.


Genie Timeline Pros and Cons

The cons of Genie Timeline:

  • No support for Android
  • SmartMode is not so smart when the computer is idle. It is not running in Turbo speed during idle.
  • Duration for first time backup took some time

The pros of Genie Timeline:

  • The software is totally transparent where you don’t have any work to do after your first configuration.
  • Despite many reviewers mentioned about the poorly designed user interface, but I still find the software is easy to use.
  • SmartMode handles your backup resources where you still get to backup when you are working using minimal resources.


Genie Timeline Professional Rating: 4.5/.50

Genie Timeline Professional is here to replace the traditional way of backup where you make a schedule for yourself and manually copy the files what you wish to backup and paste it in another backup drive. All these things can be done by Genie Timeline with the additional feature of real time backup. What the real time backup does is to back it up from time to time as long as you have new files copied into your hard drive. On top of that, did I mentioned as well that your files are securely protected with AES 256-bit, a military grade encryption? This software is extremely suitable for people who wants to start investing for Data Backup software with strong security for encryption.

Genie Timeline Professional

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This piece of article is the Genie Timeline Backup Professional 2 review where this product serves for the purpose of data backup and disaster recovery.
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  1. Brett says:

    I have a question, as this seems to be is (should be) an important of versioning & historical backups. What happens when your system crashes or you upgrade/move to a new system? Can you carry your backup with you/reattach it?

    • Alan Tay says:

      Well Brett, to save your data, I would suggest that the backup copy is performed in an external drive/cloud storage/wherever that does not attach to your current system. You can remove your backup from time to time and plug it back to play anytime. It automatically resume your backup and you don’t even need to click the continue button or what. 😉

  2. Brett says:

    Thanks for your quick response…what I actually mean, though, is if i have to reinstall the program (if I have a system crash, or move to another computer), then I apparently will lose my entire history.

    I just tested this by doing a small backup, and then uninstalling & reinstalling genie. I pointed to the same folder for the destination, but it just created a new folder, ignoring my previous backup.

    This seems rather short sighted, as people often upgrade to a new computer while maintaining their data, and if you do a disaster recovery, don’t you still want your complete history, and not just the newest version.

    Lastly, Apple’s Time Machine can do it. If you reattach the drive and point to it, TM finds the backup & continues.

    • Alan Tay says:

      I got what you mean, Brett. This could be the drawback of Genie Timeline. I will check if there is a way to do it.

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