5 Reasons Why Even Home Users Need Data Backup Software

Data backup is very important today where everyone saves their important data in their computer or external hard drive. 5 years ago, or even 10 years back, people backup their data by copying the important files from one hard drive to another.

This no longer a common practice because in the world today, we have more and more software engineers which specialized in different niche. There are backup software which can help you to backup all your data securely and safely.

Unfortunately, backup software don’t come in as free software. As a result, it is down to the question whether is it worth to invest your cash into purchasing a backup software. Well, I say YES but what about you? Here are 5 reasons why.


1. Security. This is a security site and I am pretty particular about security. If you manually copy your files from one hard drive to another, someone can just open your backup copy and see your content. That is no privacy. What is the free solution? Zipping all the files with password and you can start doing the maths now on how long you need to unzip them. Further more, is those password protection secure? Data backup software today uses strong encryption algorithm such as AES 256-bit where this algorithm is a military class security to protect your backup data. Impressive?

2. Continuous Backup. If you back up once a week and your hard disk crashed on the 6th day, you are going to suffer 6 days data loss. That is what I don’t want and I am sure you don’t want as well. 6 days can be lots of data and what if you backup only once a month and your hard disk crashed on the 28th day? Can you live with 28 days data loss? This is another advantage of data back up software where it provides a continuous backup. It also automatically detects new files in your hard drive and back it up on the fly when you are using your computer. You will suffer a very minimum data loss unless you disable the backup feature.

3. Save space. Again, back to the zipping example, you are going to suffer the waiting time for your files to be decompressed. As a result, if you don’t compress your backup files, you are going to waste a lot of space due to data backup. This problem can also be solve with a backup software because it compressed your files as they back up. You might not save plenty of space due to this, but you are still saving space and even 5-6 GB can be a lot when you are in some emergency.

4. Smart Performance. When you copy files from one hard drive to another, sure you are going to suffer performance decreased, isn’t it? As a result, you might just “Forget it, let’s do it some other time”. And I don’t have to repeat again what if you happened not to backup your data. So, data backup software today is smart enough. They know all these problems will exists and they are here to help us. Mostly, backup software will use the least resources to backup your data when your computer is busy and only maximize the backup resources when the computer is idle. All these actions are automated.

5. Scheduler. Remember from my computer security tips eBook where my last chapter is about scheduling? My point of having such amateur chapter is to ensure that you do not forget what I had been telling in the whole eBook. Same goes to backing up your data. There is no point if you plan a great backup strategy but you forget to back up. As a result, backup software usually comes with a scheduler. In fact, most of the software today has a scheduler regardless of antivirus, anti spyware, registry cleaner or other PC utilities. What you need to do in today’s world is to “Set and Forget”.


Of all the points that I had mentioned above, the backup software which I specifically referred to is the Genie Timeline Professional 2. I had been using the software over weeks and find my data are all secure in the sense that it is secure and backed up from time to time. I no longer need to worry about data loss. Genie Timeline is currently priced at $59.95 and you can check out my Genie Timeline Professional review to learn more.

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  1. ha14 says:

    No one can estimate the importance of backup untill a necessary recovery from a pc catastrophe.

  2. Ryan Cruise

    It’s important to have an online backup as well. I use Google Drive and Dropbox to do this. For my website backups I use Amazon S3 storage.
    Ryan Cruise recently posted..Diablo 3 Gold Secrets – ImportantMy Profile

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