STUFF NEEDED: Firefox Add-ons for Web Designers and Developers

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Mozilla Firefox is a popular web browser. It is being used by nearly one third of the Internet users around the world. It is not just a user friendly interface with various features, but it also has innumerable add-ons that account for the immense popularity of this web browser. The web design and development add-ons for Firefox find favor with designers and developers for ease of use and efficiency. Designers require various applications during the course of the design process. Similarly, developers use numerous applications for coding and debugging. Firefox add-ons are providing an excellent platform to such professionals for carrying out these activities. Features of some of the more popular ones are listed below.

1. Web developer

This one is by far the most popular. The Web developer tool bar, which is visible below the Firefox address bar, offers a wide range of tools that professionals in this domain require. Working with images and the page CSS becomes a breeze with the various menu options available. Integration of multiple features on a single platform is always appreciated. That is what this add-on for the web browser accomplishes effortlessly.

2. Firebug

Debugging is an extremely significant process in the design and development process. It can also turn out to be a tedious and time consuming exercise. Firebug comes to the rescue in such a scenario. With this add-on, bugs can be zeroed in upon quickly and the whole process can be expedited without compromising on efficacy and efficiency.

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3. Colorzilla

This one is a shot in the arm for web designers. Color of a web page is undeniably of supreme significance. In fact, it is the interplay of colors on the web page that in combination create the effect that it is meant to generate. Colorzilla add-on allows users to make their web page adapt to a shade of their choice. With this application, it is easy to pick and use any shade from the millions of web pages on the Internet.

4. MeasureIt

When the most significant add-ons for Firefox are being talked about, this one cannot be left far behind. In any design, the scale of objects in relation to each other syncs them in proportion and creates a harmony of form and structure in the web design. This add-on assists the designers in the task. It provides the scale for, quick and easy, measurement of objects on a web page.

5. SEO Doctor

This is an add-on of immense significance given the importance the Search Engine Optimization domain holds. If the web pages are not optimized properly, they are unlikely to get the requisite number of hits for the message to reach out to the people or for a product to get its due attention. A look at the percentage score for optimization using SEO Doctor can give the designer a clear idea of the efficacy of the page. Changes can thus be made in the page to make it more viable for use on the Internet.

The add-ons as listed above are just a drop in the ocean when it comes to the number of valuable add-ons that are available for usage. More add-ons continue to be developed and released for use. This brings convenience to the users and adds to the ever increasing popularity of Firefox.


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