How to Enable HTTPS for Facebook Security

Alright, let’s not forget that we are on a series of Facebook security where in this chapter, I will just quickly show you how to enable HTTPS/SSL on your Facebook. If you still have not enable this feature, then you are on the right post.

I had not written any post on HTTPS specifically but I had mentioned that the importance on why you should enable HTTPS back in my post Twitter is on HTTPS. Here are the steps to do it.

1. Login into your Facebook account and at your top right, click on the tiny arrow button which is pointing down and click on Account Settings.

facebook12. At the new page, click on Security on your left and open the Secure Browsing option. Enable the option to bring your HTTPS feature to you Facebook and don’t forget to save your changes.

facebook2(Click to Enlarge)

3. You can logout from your Facebook now and try to login again. Now you should be able to see the HTTPS feature at your web address in green usually for a legitimate and active SSL certificate.

Facebook SecurityAlthough you are now on HTTPS, I would like to remind again that it is not any super security feature where it can make you feel invisible against all threats. It is just to protect your transmitting data to the Facebook server. Worse still, there are proven research that there is a toolkit known as BEAST which can possibly break the HTTPS mode.

Oh yah, we were busy talking about Facebook security but did we forget that we are getting closer to Novermber the 5th? It is the day where Anonymous is going to take down Facebook. If Facebook is not able to see the sunrise two days later, there isn’t any use to protect your Facebook account anymore.

Remember to join me at Facebook to let me update you on the latest security news and tips.

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  1. TCP says:

    Such a simple way to secure your account but people hardly follow it. I think thats because of lack of knowledge.

  2. Peter Lee says:

    Alan, I think I should do an article on this as well. This is a simple FB security feature that everyone needs to be alerted.

  3. Tan

    How can I miss this post. I am going to enable this later of today even I am not an active FB user.

  4. Dipendra says:

    Hi I recently learned that within a networking, Facebook can be hacked using many softwares, so it is better to use HTTPS. Is this true?Are we unsecured in networks and WIFI?
    They say there are software like firesheep. Does this work?

  5. Biaria says:

    Done! Thanks for the step by step instructions. Well, if you’re blogging about it, Alan, it must be useful. Right?

    Oh… we’re way past November 5th and nothing happened to Facebook, so it’s still necessary to protect ones account…

    • Alan Tay says:

      That was not a true source. Based on some news, it appears to be hacking Facebook is a fake news. Anonymous themselves are not planning to do that since they are relying Facebook to spread their news.

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