BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate Review

Today, I am going to take a break off from all these security software and take a review on one of the backup software, I would call it which is BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate. The product title says it all, the main purpose of having this software is to clone your DVD.

Why do you want to backup your DVD?

My favorite movie is the awesome Transformers series by Michael Bay and I would not want to lose them. I like to re-watch my favorite movies and that is why I think software like this can lend me a hand to do so. I don’t have to worry that what if one day, my Transformers collections of DVD will spoil.

I haven’t really backup that movie yet as I had just got this software into my hand and doing some quick test with it. After few hours of playing with BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate, below is what I think about the product.

First Impression

I downloaded the installer which is around the size of 13MB and the installation takes not longer than 5 minutes to complete. Overall, the first impression for this software is great. Everything is fast and smooth but not anymore after seeing the shortcut for me to run the application.

Update: Due to the reason where certain features such as drive mounting requires the Administrator’s privilege, there is a need of the Administrator to be present to do so.

launch bdlotNotice that there is a UAC sign there which means I need to have the Administrator privileges in order to run this application. It is not possible to run the software using just a Standard User. I have no problem with this but not too sure about others. Since it is just a DVD Backup Software, I don’t think it is necessary for the Administrator to be present.

After running the application, I get to see the main interface of the program. It is great over there. All the arrangements of the icon are pretty self explanatory. All the required features are there and I don’t have to run into the User Guide to look for the things that I need. So now, lets take a look at their features.

Features of BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate

These are the features of BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate if you happen to browse through their official site.

  • Create Your Own Perfect DVD Backups of Raw Content with Ease
  • Remove All Known DVD Protections
  • Clone Entire DVD to Blank DVD
  • Backup Full Content of DVD to Hard Drive or USB
  • Backup DVD Main Movie to Save More Space
  • Burn to Blank DVD in an Easy and Fast Way
  • Flexible Virtual DVD Drive Simplifies Your Work
  • High Compatibility and Good Stability Light Your Everyday Life

Well, let’s not get over the list of features given by the official site. That is not the reason why you are here. You are here because you want a user review on this software. I will split into five sections now and we will head to the conclusion after these five sections

1. Full DVD Back Up

Full DVD back up here means copy the entire DVD content out. You can’t choose what you want and what you don’t want. It’s okay because the next section you get to choose what you want. So, this section basically back up the entire DVD and no question asked after that. You got to back up the DVD in 3 methods which is:

  • Backup to another DVD
  • Backup into ISO file so that you can keep it in your hard drive in  a single file.
  • Backup into VIDEO_TS Folder. This also backup into your hard drive and you can watch directly from there.

There isn’t anything that I am expecting in this section and basically, it has all the thing I need to backup a full DVD here.

2. DVD Title Back Up

The cool thing about this section is you get to back up certain part of a video. This means that if you don’t like some parts that keep talking and talking but no action at all, you can choose not to back them up. You can only back up the action scene or certain scene that you personally think best and you want to re-watch. The other thing about this section is you get to choose to back up only the video or even only the audio.

3.  Extra Tools

Apart from all these back up thing, there is one thing that they provide as well is the ISO mounting service into any virtual drive. For instance, you had already back up one of your movie into ISO format. What you need to do next is to mount that ISO file into a virtual drive and you can watch your movie from the virtual drive. Simple isn’t it? If you have this software installed, you don’t any other software to do it anymore such as Daemon Tools.

4. Updating the Software

There is something disappointing of this software is the updating feature. It appears that the way to update this software is still quite an out-dated technology. When I click on the check update software feature, what it does is to lead me to the page to download a new software version. Software today able to update automatically and here are two weakness I found in updating the software:

  1. It does not tell me whether I am using the latest version or not.
  2. It requires me to download a brand new installer in order to have the latest version. It is not like only download the patch file which is smaller in size.

5. Support and Help

There isn’t any phone support but I don’t think it is going to be necessary since it is not any critical application. They do provide email support and I think that is good enough for a DVD backup software. There is another good thing about this software is this software comes with 3 languages which are English, Chinese and Spanish. You can change them in just seconds.

BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate – Pros and Cons

These are the cons of this software

  • Running the application requires Administrator privilege
  • Updating the software is painful

The pros of this software are:

  • Simple design which makes the software easy to use
  • Provides support through email
  • Every basic needs of a DVD back up is available
  • Cheaper price compared to their competitors

Overall, I find this product is quite a good product. Although it is not any fantastic product that you are expecting today, but if you are looking for a DVD back up software, BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate can fit your needs. The normal price of $39.95 is also cheaper than most of their competitors. Last but not least, if you are not looking for anything more than just copying your DVD as back up, I will recommend you this software where you buy them with just a click on the image below.

BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate

$29.95 $19.95 (Buy Now)

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