4 Ways to Prevent Viruses from Getting into Your Computer

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Having viruses in your computer is one of the worst experiences you can have when using a computer. There have been several cases of lose of data and anecdotes of hacking on the internet. And a lot of these experiences are not just natural. Many of them are a result of users having viruses on their computers.

It’s plainly clear, you cannot stop viruses from existing on the internet, but you can keep them from getting into your computer. You want to make sure these many viruses that are all over the internet do not find their way into your computer. If this should happen it can bring you a lot of loses. So you’d want to do all you can to make sure your computer is safe from viruses.

Do You Have an Antivirus?

You probably have an antivirus installed on your computer by now. An antivirus software is the very first program you should have on your computer before even installing the internet on it. Your computer is open to risk which could make your confidential life suffer if you don’t have a latest and regularly updated antivirus on it.

There are several antivirus programs that are available for free download on the internet. But, you have to take caution to make sure you are not downloading a virus masked as an antivirus.

Prevent Virus

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Download Healthy Files

You should also avoid downloading files that look suspicious and fishy. Before I started my blog that features weight watchers discounts and ediets coupons, I realized how risky it could be if I don’t avoid downloading unnecessarily. You may not know what a file contains until it’s in your system, and then may be too late.

Before you download any file from the internet, always make sure they are files that are safe and healthy. Only download files from the internet when you know their sources and that they are safe to download.

Inspect Attachments before Downloading

Another way to fight against viruses is by inspecting attachments before downloading them. We all receive emails from friends containing attachments. Sometimes, we might also receive emails from strangers and they may contain attachments. Curiosity would want to make you download the attachment, but if you want to be safe it’s good you leave the attachments.

Before you download attachments from the internet always scan them for viruses and spywares. Attachments from strange sources may contain malicious files that can compromise the security of your system.

Avoid Visiting Sites You Don’t Know

Visiting sites that are unknown to you may pose a big problem to your computer. You would want to avoid sites with pop ups and unusual ads. Sites that use pop ups usually make use of scripts that contain malicious codes that could cause terrible harm to your computer. Keeping away from sites you don’t know can help you avoid encountering such.


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  1. Peter Lee from Computer How To Guide says:

    I had headaches in the past as internet was not as secure unlike today. SPAM in e-mails weren’t that well filtered which can make you accidentally opened up files with virus or various wares. At least with a stomach virus you may drop a few pounds; a virtual virus just screws up your computer. Yes, practice the above 4 ways to avoid problems.
    Peter Lee recently posted..How To Score A Deal on Black Friday, HP coupon or notMy Profile

  2. Allan says:

    I agree, I use a very good antivirus called Unthreat Antivirus (it’s free) that does a great job yet I dot follow basic rules to ensure my safety. Thanks for this list!

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