What is the Windows Registry?

Does the term Windows Registry or just Registry come across your mind before? Before stepping into this topic, understanding the purpose of Windows Registry indeed is not technical at all. By understanding the purpose of Windows Registry, it can help you to realize the importance of it.

Once you realize the importance of the Windows Registry, you will begin to realize as well how cleaning, or in another word optimizing the Windows Registry can help you to boost the performance of your computer and also not forgetting the security.

The Windows Registry, usually referred to as “the registry,” is a collection of databases of configuration settings in Microsoft Windows operating systems.
– Tim Fisher – About.com

Yes, the Windows Registry is all about the configuration of your Operating System. Whatever running programs and start up applications are determined over at the Windows Registry. So during the installation of any new software or applications into your computer, it will be required to insert certain value into the Windows Registry as part of the process.

Let’s put it in this way. Imagine that your Windows Registry as the Immigration Department of your country. Any foreigner or immigrants that wish to enter your country will be required to register into that department first. Same goes to your new application or software. Before it can be completely functional in your Operating System, it needs to be registered into your Windows Registry first. Just the same concept.

Windows registry as immigration

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During the installation, most applications know how to register their software into the Windows Registry. However, not all applications know how to remove themselves from the Windows Registry. As a result, when you undergo more installation and uninstallation, the amount of registry will stack up a lot.

Well, that is part of Windows Registry on Operating System performance where I will talk about it more in the next chapter. Right now, we had talked so much about Windows Registry, do you know how it actually looks like? It is not anything fancy and colorful. It is just directory where it is a collection of database like the screen shot below.


An Example of Windows Registry Structure

In order for you to access the screen shot as the above, you can simply go to “RUN” and type “regedit” and you will be able to see it. It is very boring and yet dangerous. As a result, there is no point for you to go there. After all, the more you mess with the registry, the more dangerous you put your computer into.

As for me, I will leave this piece of sensitive part of the Operating System to the professionals which is the Registry Cleaner so that I won’t mess up my own Operating System. Of course you can do it manually, but it is some risk to take over there.

In this chapter, I had covered what the Windows Registry is. I had talked about why it has to exist, where to find it and how dangerous it is if you were to mess it up. If you would like to know further on how it can affect your Operating System performance and security, do follow my next chapter of this series.

Before I complete this chapter, I would urge everyone to get a Registry Cleaner software to optimize your Windows Registry instead of doing it manually.

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    I never thought that maintaining a good registry has a huge impact on a computer. I thought it only affects the speed.

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