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There is absolutely no shortage of great players on the virtual ground. While some players are making an income out of it, others are intruding into their businesses. So, if you are already owning a website for your business or even if you are going to own one in the near future, you must be aware and cautious enough to protect your business from hackers, i.e., the intruders. The greater the level of sophisticated protection, the more relaxed you will be while playing it online. You just need to take care of certain areas and adopt measures that will prevent any unauthorized access to your webpage. The following tips will help you keep your website safe from hackers.

1. Keep your files and e-mail address protected

It is obvious that your website will contain certain scripts, databases and files which you would rather keep confidential. To avoid the search engine bots getting hold of these private files, keep them password protected. Make sure that the accepted passwords are hard to decipher. Make it mandatory to you at least one numeric and alphanumeric characters. You can also make it case sensitive. Another thing which websites generally have in their ‘Contact Us’ column is their contact e-mail address. Do not make it publicly visible. This is because when you make it publicly accessible, then spammers get a good chance to fill your inbox with a long list of spammed mails which you would certainly not wish for. Instead, try using the software that will split your e-mail address. Say, for instance, create a link that reads ‘E-mail Us’ or ‘Send an e-mail’ which will allow the users to mail directly. These split addresses are very hard for the spamming software to read.

web security2. Secure your source code

Hackers may try to alter your source code or even try to create a website clone. So, it is always beneficial to make your source code remain hidden. You can use external CSS sheets as well as files for Javascript.

3. Regular updation of software

The software which you use for building a website gets old and more prone to hacking over time. This is because as time passes by and as technology grows, the older software are not resistant to newer bugs and are said to contain loopholes. So, its better that you keep your software updated to protect it from all sorts of spammers and hackers. To become aware of the latest updates, you may even sign up for them at their respective websites. This way whenever a new update is launched, you will be alerted for its download.

4. Add a robot.txt file

Another smart way of protecting your website from the access of hackers is to let your search engine know what all files can be indexed. You can give them a special instruction to index only those files which are meant for users. For those file which are only meant for the webmasters, you can instruct the search engines not to index them.

5. Know your server

Know your server so that you can set the right security level for your website. Hackers and web spammers can introduce malware into your system and damage it eventually. So, it’s better to set the right permission levels as well.

It’s a great idea to level up the protection for your website if you are running it for business. A secured website not only benefits the owner but also its users all across the world.


About the author: Alia Haley is an avid blogger who likes updating herself with new software applications and knows a lot about social media. She recently downloaded cool hub spot software. These days she is busy in writing on most expensive cars like cadillac ciel concept car .

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  1. Mika Castro says:

    In an age where hacking is prominent in the web space, I agree that one or even everyone has to take steps in order to protect your web hosting account so that your efforts it doesn’t land up in the wrong hands.

  2. Hadambu Catalin says:

    i recently created my first website and i want to thank you for these useful tips.didn`t know there are so many hackers

  3. Kannan

    Helped me a lot, even i just started my own blog and this post was very useful,it actually opened my eyes 😛

  4. Kannan

    Thanks 😀

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