The Importance of Windows Registry

IT Security Column would like to launch another series and this time is more towards the Windows Registry Awareness Campaign. I had completed the URL investigation and prevention series few weeks back and it had been great to get some feedback from my reader. Basically, this time I will bring on the Windows Registry as I am sure many of us take the Windows Registry lightly where it is some piece of component that is not important at all to everyone.

Windows Registry is a BIG Deal

However, that is not completely true because Windows Registry indeed is extremely important. Having an well optimized Windows Registry can boost your computer performance, security, system start up, reduce your PC lag or hang and also it can prevent any unnecessary Blue Screen of Death.

Windows Registry is not something small in your operating system where it will not be able to cover in a single post of less than 500 words. As a result, I will split into 4 important chapters and 1 premium chapter specially for my newsletter subscribers only.

Inside the 4 chapters in this series, I will cover from the fundamental of what the Windows Registry is and further explained on how it can affect your performance and also security. Lastly, in order to convince you into cleaning your Windows Registry, I further add on 15 reasons for you to do so. If you are my newsletter subscribers, I will personally send to you a piece of newsletter on how to pick a Registry Cleaner when you are shopping for one after the end of the series.

Windows Registry

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The layout of this Windows Registry series

  1. Introduction. The introduction to the series which is actually this post itself. Here you will find the table of contents of the series and also why I want to start to write a series on this topic.
  2. What is the Windows Registry? What do you know about Windows Registry? I will explain to you all in simple English because not all my readers are highly technical person.
  3. How Windows Registry boosts your performance and security. Knowing just the fundamental of Windows Registry is good enough but that does not mean you know how it works. Basically, I will also explain how you can possibly eliminates spyware, Trojan, virus or worms from here.
  4. 15 Reasons for you to clean your Windows Registry. This title is pretty self explanatory and hope I can make you aware the importance of cleaning your Windows Registry by finishing the series with this chapter.
  5. How to choose a Registry Cleaner (Premium Chapter). If you want to buy a Registry Cleaner, what is the first thing you would do? Even you had read the review, can you tell whether you should buy? Should you just go for the highest rating of all the Registry Cleaner that you can find?

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  1. paulcrousel says:

    thanks for the review, indeed having a good registry system, is importnat for windows os reliable function, saving from crash, BSOD…

    • Alan Tay says:

      You are welcome. If you are a regular Registry Cleaning person, you will realize that it can save you from those unwanted events like what you had mentioned.

  2. Rahul Root says:

    Can you please help me on choosing the best registry cleaner? That will happen if you clean your registry?

  3. Julie Hayes says:

    Registry cleaner is a very useful tool for me on maintaining the speed and function of my computer. Registry cleaner is like a tune up for computers.

  4. Peter from Computer How To Guide says:

    The most common reason for a computer speed to be decreased is an overloaded windows registry. Your computer will “thank you” if you perform windows registry cleaning regularly. I’m using one of the best windows registry cleaner in RegCure, it has been doing a good job so far.

  5. Mika Castro says:

    We need Registry cleaner because when you install any software or new hardware, windows store it’s configuration value in registry. uninstalling the particular software or hardware on your computer and Sometime windows doesn’t delete this configuration information from registry and this may slow down your system. that’s why wee need one.

  6. Noah Ava says:

    Some people consider formatting and reinstalling Windows but the process can be very daunting as you need to backup files and the installation can take time.It is really good registry cleaning software out there that can solve your problems.

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