Tablet war getting worse: Who is fit to survive?

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Consumer electronics makers have well recognized the possibilities of tablet PCs in the coming years. The recent revolution in tablet PCs has resulted in the birth of many competitive devices. Apple is, of course, the leading player in the tablet market with its famous iPad tablet. As per some analysts, iPad eats into more than 70 percent of global tablet market share.

Apple launched its much-hyped iPad in April 2010. The company later brought out a second version of the device in March 2011. As rumor mills predict, the Cupertino technology maker is now to roll out the third version of its flagship product this fall itself. In fact, over the last two years, iPad made a blistering influence in the entire technology market of the world.

In response to iPad’s success, major Apple rivals such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Dell and several others came up with their own tablets. Most of these companies depended on Google’s mobile operating system Android to run their tablets. On the course of time, it turned out to be a collective battle against iPad from the side of Google, one of Apple’s biggest foes.

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The so-called tablet war became tumultuous when Apple started to complain that its Android rivals copied the very feel and style of iPad to design their products. While introducing iPad 2, the then CEO of Apple Steve Jobs used the term ‘copycats’ to mention its Android competitors. Since then Apple has been in legal battles against all key technology makers that build Android tablets on copyright infringement cases.

Samsung, HTC and Motorola have been thus sued by Apple in the U.S. and international courts. Apple’s legal battle against the South Korean firm Samsung in the U.S has gained huge media attention. The Florida court is yet to make a judgment in the case, though.

But in the meanwhile, a German court banned Samsung Galaxy S II in the European Union based on an Apple lawsuit. In another development, an Australian court indefinitely delayed release date of Galaxy Tab after hearing to Apple’s claims. The Cupertino firm is still fighting against its rivals including HTC and Motorola in the U.S. federal courts and the International Trade Commission.

In fact, Android tablets have not yet made commanding domination over Apple iPad in the market. Though there are several products under the Android OS, sales of iPad has been scarcely affected. But according to some technology pundits, the time is near that Android tablets and Smartphone will certainly gain ground over iPad and its iOS. Customers in global markets are gradually showing more interest towards the Android platform and the devices.

At the same time, HP’s webOS is struggling without getting consumer attention. The company recently halted the sales of its webOS-based tablet TouchPad due to the slow response in the market. But Microsoft is in extensive efforts to grow up as a leading player in the tablet market with a strategic deal with Nokia and a possible tablet friendly Windows 8 early next year.


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  1. Lessa says:

    Apple needs to get over itself, no doubt its helped by its legion of fans rather than customers and because its seen as a “good guy” people dont say much but this is as bad as the time when MS tried to copyright binary code, its total nonsense.

  2. Mika Castro says:

    I must say that having its own tablet is really necessary for users because i believe that the company has amassed a mountain of digital goods and services that could be sold through such a device.

  3. Jhon says:

    Hi Alan,
    I think, the Apple tablet and android tablet will be an exciting competition. Good support from developers will be key to success. But who has the best innovation that will be the winner

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