How Cleaning Windows Registry Boost Performance and Security

Do you know that a poorly optimized Windows Registry can cause your performance to degrade and also security to reduce? How can this happen? I am going to explain how it can affect your performance first and then security but before that, make sure you had already gone through the chapter on ‘What is Windows Registry’.

Windows Registry on Performance

A non-optimized Windows Registry means that it might have some broken registry where the value stored leads to nothing. Still remember we talked about the Windows Registry is the place where the configurations of your Operating System are stored?

If your Operating System keeps reading from the broken registry, then all your computer resources will be spent on processing unnecessary things. Imagine you had like 1000 broken registries to be processed and 1000 instructions that you set to process, then your performance might drop up to 50%.

As a result, removing broken registries can help to increase your computer performance. Not only that, it will also increase your internet web browsing performance as well because certain web based components like Active-X are also registered into the Windows Registry.

Windows Registry on Security

Spyware and Keyloggers registered themselves into the Windows Registry as well in order to start together with your computer so that they can capture most of you private data. It is just like any of your applications that registered into the Windows Registry.

If you optimizes you Windows Registry by removing those key points where the Spyware and Keyloggers start, then you will be able to prevent your privacy from being stolen. Although most of the times, they can be swept clean by antivirus. However, cleaning the registry will ensure that they will not appear anymore in the next start up.

I had shown in the previous chapter that you can access the Windows Registry Editor as simple as just one line of command. However, to optimize or clean them manually is your call. As I had warned many times before, Windows Registry is a sensitive place.

If you had removed a very important piece of information about your Operating System, you might see blue screen the next minute you use your computer. I had always encourage to use the Registry Cleaner instead. Next chapter, I will cover on the reason why you need to clean your Windows Registry to further make you aware on the importance of Windows Registry.

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  1. Julie Hayes says:

    Thanks for the info. For us who doesn’t know much about computers malfunction on our registry means we must reformat our computers. So I guess taking care of our registry is a must.

    • Alan Tay says:

      Reformatting computer is usually the last resort in dealing with virus issue and operating system errors. If can, we will try to eliminate or solve the problem either by patching or removing. It is tough to format a computer because everything has to be re configured again.

      • Shao

        Totally agree with you. I am tired with reformatting computer. It take 4 hours to reconfigure everything, but that can be less if you create image copy. My laptop never format since I bought it 3-4 years ago. This has been break my record.

        Never imagine with latest technology/processor power will still cause performance issue.

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