15 Reasons to Use Registry Cleaner to Clean Windows Registry

Coming to the end of the series where I would like end it with a BANG of 15 reasons for you to clean your Windows Registry WITH a Registry Cleaner, preferably a paid one. There you go below.

1. Improves your PC performance. It is not a myth but true fact that cleaning up your registry can help to improve your PC performance. I had explained in my previous chapter on how it can possibly happened.

2. Improves your security as well. Still referring to previous chapter, I had mentioned about security and registry as well. You need to stop telling your computer to run Malicious software by cleaning your registry.

3. Completes an incomplete uninstallation. Some irresponsible software developers do not uninstall their software well. They will only ensure the installation is smooth so that their software can run properly. However during uninstallation, what you see is they will only remove all the things that is visible to you.

4. Prevent your computer to crash. Believe it or not, if your computer keep looking for things registered in your registry which does not exists, it will eventually crash one day. What you will see after that? BSOD! (Blue Screen of Death)

5. Speed up your Windows start up. If you as your Windows not to load all the unnecessary items during start up, I am very sure it will start up way faster than you can ever imagine.

6. Improves internet browsing speed. Website today has a lot of thing to load when you come to a very interactive one. Those things such as Java applet, and ActiveX have some values stored in your registry and will cause your internet browsing experience to slow down if they are ask to load unnecessarily. You need to remove those unnecessary components.

7. Fix your Windows errors. Windows patch does not fix your system errors. It only updates your software. If you want a software to fix your errors, Registry Cleaner is one of those System Optimizer that you are looking for. Although some System Optimizer suppose to perform better in fixing Operating System errors.

8. Save money. What else do you gain when you don’t have to go to the computer shop and tell them, “I crashed my Windows. Can you help me to reformat? Oh yah, how much is it again?”. Always prevent a problem than fixing it. Don’t leave scars in your computer.

9. Automatic Backup. Manual way of registry cleaning requires you to manually backup. If you have a paid Registry Cleaner, it usually comes with automatic backup where you don’t have “****! I forgot to **** backup!”.

10. Save time. Imagine browsing the Windows registry manually to look for faulty registry. Err, how long you are going to need? Well, for your information, Registry Cleaner just need 15 minutes at most to completely scan through your ENTIRE registry.

11. Get your registry fixed properly. Registry cleaner are developed by software developers who have years of experience in Windows Registry. Do you have? Probably that is why I say they will fix your registry properly.

12. Reduce the risk. If you deleted a wrong registry, sometimes it is a no turning back thing. If you do not know whether it is safe to delete, let the professional to manage your risk.

13. Remove unwanted registry. Basically, registry cleaning is to remove your unwanted registry, or in other words is to remove unwanted configuration file.

14. Scheduling. You don’t have to put a mark in your calendar and tell yourself that, “Ahh, this Saturday I need to do a registry cleaning”. Registry cleaner comes with scheduling and you can just create a schedule there once and for ALL.

15. Support. The best thing about paying for a software is when you had some problem with it, even a very minor one, you get to ask and demand an immediate answer. You don’t want to run into multiple forums, post your problem, keep pressing F5 to see if anyone reply your thread, do you?

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  1. ha14 says:

    Automatic backup of registry is very important feature.

  2. Julie Hayes says:

    I agree that keeping our registry clean and up to date can significantly boost the performance of our PC. I’m using a registry cleaner and I’m very happy with results.

  3. Rochelle says:

    I use perfect optimizer and pay every few months. It works well , and I don’t have any problems. Thanks for posting this- was helpful. 🙂 Look forward to more posts.

  4. Wayne says:

    Registry Cleaner is one of the best FREE tools for a register. I’ve been using it for a while and absolutely like it. And takimg into consideration the fact that every user needs to clean the register if he wants his system to work fine, then this tool is a must.

  5. nSingh_TT says:

    I earlier used to use Registry Cleaners, but I no longer have any licences and I don’t think there’s any free option present which really works. I was earlier using Registry Mechanic and I think it worked fine for me. Anyways, I don’t know much about Windows Registry.

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