Trojan Horse Found Inside Mac Flash Player Installer

In the recent Flash Player installer for the Mac, there was a Trojan Horse found name after ‘Mac Flashback’ by Intego Security. As we had already knew ever since so many malware threats on the Mac, I guess we should all start to believe that the Mac immunity is now over.

How this Trojan infect the user?

This Mac Flash Player installer is only available at certain malicious website where if your computer does not have a Flash Player installed, the malicious site will prompt you to download the bogus version of Flash Player.

We know that by default, Mac OS does not comes with a flash player installed. As a result, this trick is pretty effective against new Mac user or any Mac user who had just re-installed their operating system.

mac flashback trojan


As the victim proceeds with the installation, the Trojan will be installed where it will deactivate some network security software and finally delete the package itself. Once it is completely infected, the Trojan will keep sending information to the host server where part of the identified item is the computer’s MAC address is sent.

How you can prevent this type of threat?

There are three things that you need to keep in your mind whenever you encounter some sort of scenario as this.

1. Only download the Flash Player installer from Flash player consists of a lot of vulnerabilities where it is also reported in Kaspersky Q2 report. It is extremely important that we only download any installer from the official site only. This goes the same as well to other software as Firefox were once infected with this kind of threat before.

2. Configure the Safari browser setting. By default, Safari browser is checked to allow the operating system to automatically launch the downloaded “safe” files. Basically, it is not difficult to bypass this setting and most Trojan can be known as safe files by the web browser. So, don’t let the browser to decide whether the file is safe to open or not. Decide yourself.

3. Think twice if you are installing Adobe Flash Player. If you suddenly encountered a pop up to install the Adobe Flash player, think twice whether did you download this file. Question yourself again whether did you download it from the official site. If you are not sure, don’t risk. Cancel the installation and download again from

So Mac user, it is time to put a side the immunity era. Cyber crooks today is not the cyber crooks you used to know 10 years ago. If you are still one of the old fashioned Mac user, it is time to move on and if you are new to antivirus for Mac, you can probably check out Kaspersky product first as it is one of the popular ones today and best of all, it offers Free Trial.

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  1. I am not sure whether to blame Apple for this or not. But instances like this should really be the user’s responsibility. Well, your tips are surely helpful to prevent mac users get the trojan virus. ­čÖé

  2. ha14 says:

    hackers always are in search for soft that has vulnerabilities so that they can inject malware codes easily

    • Alan Tay says:

      Especially flash player vulnerabilities. I wonder when Adobe will get rid of all the vulnerabilities. Hackers like to target particularly this software probably due to the needs when it comes to video streaming.

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