DigiNotar CA Announced Bankrupt After Hack

DigiNotar Certificate Authority (CA) had filed under bankruptcy after they were hacked two weeks back for issuing fraudulent certificates. DigiNotar, part of Vasco Data Security International is one of the top 5 CA in the world where but fell into bankruptcy after certificates such as Intermediates were all issued as fraud certificates.

CA business is all about trust. The point of having a CA in this world is to create a third party site where end users like us can rely on them and trust them. That is why we buy their services such as digital certificates. However, when they are corrupted up to their root, that is the point where we believe that this organization should not be trusted any further.

DigiNotar CA

DigiNotar CA

As a result, giants like Microsoft, Mozilla, Google, and Apple had already remove their trust long time ago before they were announced bankruptcy. Good news is, other public CA such as Verisign, Globalsign and many more have lesser competition after the fall of Diginotar.

As they are part of the security firm, Vasco Data Security International, they had made an official statement by their CEO on the bankruptcy of DigiNotar CA. In that statement, the CEO also mentioned that the losses will not affect the nature business of Vasco as those were separate solutions.

We would like to remind our customers and investors that the incident at DigiNotar has no impact on VASCO’s core authentication technology. The technological infrastructures of VASCO and DigiNotar remain completely separated, meaning that there is no risk for infection of VASCO’s strong authentication business. In addition, we plan to cooperate with the Trustee and the Judge to the fullest extent reasonably practicable to bring the affairs of DigiNotar to an appropriate conclusion for its employees and customers.  We also plan to cooperate with the Dutch government in its investigation of the person or persons responsible for the attack on DigiNotar.

–  T. Kendall Hunt, VASCO’s CEO

What we can do right now as the end user is to update and patch all our web browsers and operating system to ensure that the DigiNotar CA is completely removed from our system so that you will not fall for those fraudulent certificates. It is extremely important for us to keep in touch with the latest news on IT security because cyber crime rate is getting higher.

There are many high profile cyber crime as well such as Sony, RSA, Comodo, and DigiNotar all in the year 2011. If you want to know what is going on in the security section of your internet world, do subscribe to my site below.

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