How to Use Kaspersky Virtual Keyboard Against Keylogger

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 comes with a virtual keyboard where this application helps to fight against basic keylogger. The virtual keyboard was available since the 2009 version and it is still available until today due to the effectiveness of this application. To some of the readers who are new to keylogger, you might be wondering what is the item and why there is a protection against it.

A keylogger basically an application that read all your keystrokes from your keyboard as you type and save it in a text file or send it directly to the attacker who placed the keylogger application in your computer. The purpose of putting a keylogger is to steal your important credentials such as banking account username and password. Since those keyloggers can track what you are typing from time to time, it is important for you to use a virtual keyboard when you are logging into your banking account or any other important account.

How to Activate the Kaspersky Internet Security Virtual Keyboard?

  1.  The simplest way to start the Kaspersky Internet Security virtual keyboard is by clicking on that icon on your web browser toolbar. However if you can’t find that icon, not to worry because you can also start it from your main page of your security suite.
  2. main page 2From the main interface of your Kaspersky Internet Security, click on the arrow on your bottom right to turn to the second page and you should see your virtual keyboard there. Click on the virtual keyboard icon and it will appear in front of you in seconds.
  3. Kaspersky Internet Security Virtual KeyboardYou can expand the keyboard on the icon next to the close (X) icon and you will be able to see a standard full keyboard with the NumPad. 
  4. Once you had launched this application, all you need to do is to visit any site which requires your username and password and then point the focus to the username and password field.
  5. Use your mouse to click on those characters from the virtual keyboard to fill in your credentials to prevent any keyloggers from capturing your keystrokes.

Kaspersky Internet Security Virtual Keyboard Verdict

Overall, the Kaspersky Internet Security virtual keyboard is good against a basic keylogger from capturing your keystrokes. However, this does not mean that this tool can go against all the keyloggers in the world. Hackers improve from time to time and their latest trend is not only capturing your keystrokes, but also capturing your screen to counter back the virtual keyboard trick. As a result, there is no ultimate way to stay safe with only one single strategy.

This might sound like the virtual keyboard is a useless item to be added into your security line of defense, but think again that this tool is useful against an rookie hacker. Would you want to fall into the hand of rookie hacker that uses such cheap trick to steal your credentials? Why not make it more difficult for them? There is no harm and no cost involve if you had already bought and installed your Kaspersky Internet Security.

The best way to stay safe is to prevent the keyloggers from installing into your computer. You can use a firewall to prevent and do a regular scan on your computer to eliminate any potential Trojan in your computer. Usually keylogger application comes in a form of a Trojan. If you are already a Kaspersky Internet Security user, do check out as well my other entry on the Kaspersky Internet Security tips and tricks.

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  1. biaria says:

    Good advice, thanks!

    I was looking through your posts and this particular one caught my attention because of the words “Virtual Keyboard”. And why? A while ago, after my son opened his laptop (removing the keyboad in the process) and cleaned all the gathered dust, he closed it and, before putting the keyboard back in place, he did a test start, to see if all was in order. When he did this test start, he saw that his friends where chatting to him. He wanted to answer them of course, but, without a keyboard, what could he do? Well, the only solution was to use a virtual keyboard and I heard him saying: “Where’s my virtual keyboard? where’s my virtual keyboard?”

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