Hackers Strike Hong Kong Stock Exchange Twice in a Row

Hong Kong stock exchange was hit first hit on the 11th of August and then continue on the following day with the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack. The website that was hacked is the website that provides the traders with the up-to-date financial information.
The Chief Executive Officer of HKEx, Charles Li said that the attacking computers we not located at Hong Kong mostly. It came from a broad list of locations. Even with Anti-DDoS protection, it usually still have the capability to effectively attack most of the large website. As a result, it was decided by HKEx that the up-to-date financial news will be spread via other types of communication channel.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange HKSE

The next step approached by HKEx is to work with Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters to spread around the financial reports and statements to provide a variety of source to the investors. Apart from that, they will also be publishing on their local newspaper about companies that are about to release statements, including the companies URL for those companies’ websites.

Whatever steps taken by HKEx is to reduce the reliance for investors to retrieve information from the hacked HKEx site. They should now be able to retrieve information from other source of media as well. Certainly, HKEx is taking steps to ensure that information will be able to flow out to the investors even with the continuing few rounds of attack. Thumbs up to HKEx for taking the issue seriously and implementing a good backup plan.

If you are really curious on where the source came from, it is really difficult to track today. Even if you will be able to get the list of attacking IP, it could be that the attacker is just a normal computer user that did not realized his computer was command to perform a DDoS. This is due to the wide variety on how Trojan were spread and these Trojans are capable to communicate with each other and also reporting back to the commander. As a conclusion, do get yourself a copy of antivirus in order to protect yourself from these cyber crime.

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