DDoS Service for Sale!

Yes, you was not wrong and I was not wrong neither. DDoS Service is up for sale with a reasonable price at a reasonable scale. Of course this is not available in my country Malaysia (at least the news did not reach me yet), but this was an advertisement got from some Russian underground forums, according to Brian Krebs.

ddosThe DDoS hacking service was not provided by a single individual, but many of them are offering this service. Hackers are now openly offer their service competitively. Not like before, hackers earn by using their services to get some earnings illegally. But now, it seems like they are on a job and you can’t say directly wrong. However, as their service is pretty competitive, the price from each individual does not change much as well to perform a DDoS attack.

How Much is the Price for DDoS Service?

A DDoS service can range from $5-$10 per hour. For a daily cost, it could raise up to $40-$50 per day. They even charge weekly basis where the rate is $350-$400 per week. If you are having a very strong hatred towards a person or organization, you can purchase the monthly service where it can hit up to $1200 per month.

The rates is not some flat rate because launching a DDoS service is like designing a web application design. The hackers need to know the size of the target and security before charging for the service. The quality of the service is measured by the number of bots required to be launched in the DDoS attack. Hence, the larger the application, the more bots needed. Those Russians underground forumer already had those calculations calculated as below:

• 15-30 bots (!!!) knock off line a relatively small site.

• 250-280 bots – the average site.

• 750-800 bots – a large site.

• 2,000-2,500 bots – great site with Anti-DDoS protection

• 4,300-4,700 bots – a cluster of sites, even when using the Anti-DDoS protection, blocking, etc.

• 15-20 thousand bots – take offline virtually any site with any protection.

Who are the DDoS bots?

Well, if you read one of my post on the fake Java update, you will know who are the bots. Probably you are the bots without realizing it. Therefore, remember not to simply update your software and keep your antivirus definitions updated before you become one of the bots of some DDoS cyber criminals.

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  1. James says:

    I wish I knew what website that is. I’d hire them in a heartbeat!

  2. Hendra says:

    Hey, I am interested in this service,,,, how price?

  3. Mark says:

    We offer services for ddos attack on the websites of any power. In the presence of a bot network of more than 400,000 vehicles with an outbound channel at speeds in excess of 70Gb per second.
    Price: 1 hour – $ 30
    write in ICQ 638-069-022

  4. Roadmanone says:

    I’m interesting…..
    Do you sold 3389 service?
    I want buy some services, there must have some website in services.
    what’s the price .contact me plz.
    191769606@qq.com (RoadManOne)

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