JailBreakMe Alarms the Security for iPhone and iPad

JailBreakMe is a website that make jailbreak for iPhone and iPad easily can be done by anyone who understand simple English. This however raised some security concerns to certain iPhone and iPad users.

Traditionally, jailbreaking those Apple devices are not so simple. At least, there is a requirement to plug in your device into your computer to perform a jailbreak. With JailBreakMe now, you don’t need to have any connectivity to your computer. All you need is to access the internet and go to the JailBreakMe website. From there, all you need is to follow the instructions to get your device jailbroken.

How Does JailBreakMe Works?

JailBreakMe exploits an iOS vulnerability to run an unauthorized code on the user’s iPhone or iPad. In this way, it allows the user to run and install programs that are not approved by the AppStore. This method of jailbreak makes everyone in the world now knows how to jailbreak an iPhone or iPad. It does not end here as this method of jailbreak works as well on the latest iPad 2.

Being able to simply inject a malicious code through the iOS vulnerability, this could lead to a big security issue. Generally hackers around will use what JailBreakMe had been applying as a blueprint for their opening attack. This is possible as hackers are best at copy-cat method and if they are able to copy the method on how JailBreakMe does the exploit, I am sure more issues for Steve Job to clean up after their previous Mac Malware attack via bogus a antivirus. So the question here is, does Apple need an antivirus?

What Does JailBreakMe Has to Say?

The creator of JailBreakMe, Comex however somewhat expected that hackers around will start partying with the iOS vulnerability. Therefore in order for Comex to stay out from the responsibility of the iPhone or iPad jailbreak, he stated this sentence on his official site:

I did not create the vulnerabilities, only discover them. Releasing an exploit demonstrates the flaw, making it easier for others to use it for malice, but they have long been present and exploitable. Although releasing a jailbreak is certainly not the usual way to report a vulnerability, it still has the effect of making iOS more secure in the long run. – JailBreakMe

Whether the iOS needs an antivirus or not, Apple has to fix this issue as soon as possible. However to those users who had already jailbreak your device with JailBreakMe, I would like to note that it will lead your device to have virus and malware running freely around your iOS. This is one of the considerations that many iPhone jailbreakers did not take and I would like to again emphasize this statement. Having malware running freely around your iOS is just like breaking off the prison in your country and letting criminals running around. Still feel safe using JailBreakMe?

Anyhow, for jailbreakers of JailBreakMe who have second thoughts, the process is easily reversible. Connect your device to the Mac or PC you normally connect it to, back it up, run a “restore” process and then reload your data from the backup. Your device will be back in “jail”. Whether to let your device in jail mode or jailbreak mode with JailBreakMe, is still your call. Both methods can be done easily.

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