Facebook is Starting to Charge

If you look around your Facebook friends’ wall, some might had already begun posting news like ‘Facebook is going to charge very soon’. If it is to charge soon, what are you going to do? Pay? Or live your life without Facebook? Or maybe third choice is to follow the instructions of those messages from your friends’ wall by doing exactly to avoid paying. The message goes this way:

Basically what you need to do is to copy that message and then idiotically post it on your own wall. WELL DONE. I can guarantee you that your Facebook account will not be deleted and charged from now on. That goes the same to those that did not post this on their wall as well. Why is it so? It is because this is a stupid chain message. The purpose of this chain message is to create a human-made worm. Hence, it is only going to generate more rubbish on the internet specifically Facebook web page. [Read: How to Remove Virus, Worms & Trojans]

facebook-chargingWhy Facebook is Not Charging?

If you are still not sure whether this is a scam or some chain message or really something legitimate, let me explain further why Facebook will not charge all of the users. Facebook’s main competitor now is only Google as most of the traffic goes to both parties mostly. Look at the traffic rank for both giant. At certain country, Facebook has a higher traffic over Google although in the global ranking, Google still rules.

alexa ranking

If Facebook is to charge, users are going to leave and traffic is going to drop. The Facebook traffic ranking will probably stand beside the infamous Friendster by that time. Not only that, with the drop of traffic, lesser advertiser is going to advertise in Facebook and Facebook is going to lose more money that time. Thus, I strongly believe that charges will not be applied as it does not look like any win-win situation. [Read: Do you trust social media?]

Google-Plus-+The other reason is Google+ is already launched. If you are not sure what Google+ is, it is a social network which is pretty similar to what Facebook is doing. The difference is that the creator is Google. Generally, we know that Google is working very hard to knock down Facebook in terms of everything and Google+ is part of their plan. If Facebook is so ‘smart’ by charging their user this time around, then Google+ is going to be everyone’s alternative. Therefore, look carefully, Facebook is not likely to charge after all, isn’t it? [Read: How to Enable HTTPS for Facebook Security]

Facebook Charges – Final Say

I am really curious on how many of them out there had already been posting these messages on their wall. This is not the first time people are posting messages like this. Early this year, when Facebook is doing some maintenance job with a slow web performance, people start spreading the rumors that they are actually deleting inactive account which is not true in the end. If you care for your friends that they might had do stupid things on Facebook, do share this message with them.

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