Comodo Firewall Review

This is the first firewall review for this blog and I would like to take Comodo Firewall to be the first firewall product being reviewed. I am sure many of us heard of the popular ones like Zone Alarm, Online Armor, and many other firewall which bundled into the entire internet security suite. Comodo Firewall’s popularity is not that high before, but I am sure by now this piece of free software is beginning to attract the attention of users who uses personal firewall.

One of the reason is that Comodo Firewall is a free software and when existing Zone Alarm Pro users  are reaching the expiry of their license, some will seek for an alternative of choosing other free version firewall. That is why you will see that some Zone Alarm users are joining the Comodo Firewall group. [Read: Comodo Firewall Review – The Pros and Cons]

What can Comodo Firewall offers you?

Comodo Firewall

Basically, any standard firewall should offer you a good protection from Malware infection. Comodo Firewall can be one of the most annoying firewall where it has countless pop ups asking you whether it should allow an application to run in your system.

This is one of the cons of Comodo Firewall which many novice users still find this as an issue. For the intermediate and expert users, they will put all their trusted application into the Comodo Firewall list after they installed the firewall and have a peace of mind after that. If you can spend 30 minutes of your time configuring the settings, you will not have the problem mentioned with this firewall. [Read: Top 3 Tips to Reduce Pop Up From Comodo Firewall]

Firewall Setup

During the initial setup of Comodo Firewall, you will be asked to choose between three options as above. For the balance of security and convenience, normally users will pick the ‘Firewall with Optimum Proactive Defense’. There is no big deal here anyway because you can do this settings after the installation. It is only important to the users who are planning not to configure the Comodo Firewall after installing and use it as it is by default. If you already have an antivirus by default, you can choose to install only the firewall. [Read: Fire Up Your Security With Avast Antivirus & Comodo Firewall]

03 Firewall SettingsWhen you open the Comodo Firewall settings, you will see four tabs at the top. In the Firewall tab, you have several items to take care of. Generally you view the firewall events and the active connections within your computer. You can also set your trusted application, blocked application and define the network security policy. There is also a ‘Stealth Ports’ wizard setting where you can make your computer totally invisible to all the within your network. Last but not least, you can also set the Comodo Firewall behavior such as the security level, and the alert frequency level. [Read: What is a Two-Way Firewall?]

Defense Settings

In the Defense tab of Comodo Firewall, it is all about settings for your computer. If you look carefully, the previous tab is more towards setting for your network. Within this tab, most of your antivirus can also do a good job. One of the highlight here is that you can run any of your untrusted program in the Comodo Firewall sandbox. This feature looks quite similar to the one Avast Antivirus can offer. If you already owned a good antivirus, apart for the ‘Sandbox’ feature, this tab has nothing more unique to offer.

Lastly, the ‘More’ tab simply just let you configure and view other common things such as help, support, about, and the Comodo Firewall updates. If you are looking for support in Comodo Firewall, you either pay for the ‘Geek Buddy’ service or go to the community forum for free service. As this is a free product, usually the support is not going to be free just like any other standard free applications around. If you are some hardcore gamer, you can also configure the ‘game mode’ from the taskbar icon. Having the game mode enabled means Comodo Firewall will take lesser resources and make those resources for your gaming purposes.

Why Comodo Firewall?

Comodo Firewall is no doubt that it is one of the best free firewall around. If you ask me whether you should get a firewall or whether you should get the Comodo Firewall, I would say ‘Why Not?’. Such a high quality firewall which provides an air-tight security for free is really some offer which I really find it unable to describe further. Usually my reviews will end with listing down the criteria of the type of users who are suitable for this firewall, but I guess not anymore for this time. The Comodo Firewall is rated ‘C’. Yes, ‘Children’ which on the other words, it is suitable for everyone. To complete my review with a proper manner, I would like you all to check out what are my opinions on the pros and cons of Comodo Firewall. [Read: Why Firewall When You Have Antivirus?]


1. Free

2. Air-tight security

3. Blocks attack from outisde

4. Blocks attack from inside with the monitoring system that can monitor evolution of Malware


1. Annoying pop ups

2. No free support

To get your copy of Comodo Firewall now, you can download from the Comodo official site. Do leave me a comment if you anything to say about the Comodo Firewall.

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  2. I have been using Comodo firewall now for about 5 months, and it has worked great so far. I had to switch firewalls because Zone Alarm kept blocking sites that I did not want it to. Comodo will allow you to get what you want without the spyware!

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