Apple iOS 4.3.4 Jailbroken Again After Patch

appleJust in my previous post, I wrote about Apple releasing a patch which is the iOS 4.3.4 patch where it fixed the vulnerability exploited by JailBreakMe. However, their patch of iOS 4.3.4 were jailbreak again in less than 24 hours after the release. Although the jailbreaker this time is not from JailBreakMe, but the bottom line is the device cannot retain the jail mode for long.

Apple on iOS Patch and JailBreakMe

Credit should be given to Apple for patching up their iOS in ten days time after knowing that JailBreakMe knew about certain vulnerability. But not anymore after they were jailbreak again. One of the good news for the time being is that the current jailbreak method does not work on the latest iPad, but still work best on the iPhone. The other good news is that this round of jailbreak requires the user to have a physical connection to the computer. Last but not least, after the phone reboot, it will go back to jail mode and you have to jailbreak again if you really want to.

The question is, is it worth the jailbreak? The cons of not jailbreaking is that if someone gets to know on how the jailbreakers make use of the iOS vulnerability, then your iPhone could be in danger. However the pros here is your iPhone security is 100% passed to Apple to handle. If you jailbreak your iPhone which means that you surrendered your security to the jailbreakers. Of course the pros here is the jailbreakers might had already re-engineer the iOS in the way that it will not be exploited the same way as the jailbreak method. Hence your iPhone might be temporarily safe.

Apple iPhone Jailbreak – My Verdict

Generally, jailbreaking the Apple product is not supposed to be possible. ┬áIf it is suppose to be possible, they would not have called it ‘jail-break’. However, certain Apple user might be looking forward to run certain unauthorized application from Apple and hence it is worth for them to jailbreak. But on the security point of view, jailbreaking should not be done. We should leave the security to Apple for them to release another patch to fix the vulnerability. What do you think? Jailbreak or not? Leave your comment here to debate.

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