Top 10 Commonly Used iPhone Passcode

The common way people impose a layer of security to their iPhone is to have a screen that prompts the user for the iPhone passcode. But, have you ever thought that are you using the same iPhone passcode that many people are using right now? Is your iPhone passcode is one of the few passcode that when a person picks up your iPhone and just try out those popular passcode first. Are you one of them? Let’s check out the top 10 commonly used iPhone passcode.

top 10 iphone passcode

Why those iPhone passcode are common?

As you can see from the graph above, those are the top 10 commonly used iPhone passcode. The ten passcode above are 15% of the total number of iPhone user might be using the iPhone passcode shown. If you happened to pick up an iPhone, then you can try unlocking with the passcode above or even ask your friends who uses iPhone whether did they fall into the commonly used iPhone passcode category.

iPhone passcodeThe most commonly used is ‘1234’ and we have no question about why it is common. I think not even iPhone passcode, but ‘1234’ is also a commonly used password in any application. ‘0000’, ‘1111’, ‘2222’ and ‘5555’ are all in the list simply because user just need to remember one digit of their full iPhone passcode and tap four times on the same digit. ‘4444’ was not included probably due to large population of Chinese iPhone users because typical Chinese people believe that the number ‘4’ is not a good number because it brings the meaning of death.

Certain user prefer to swipe the keypad up or down where this habit brings the number of ‘2580’ and ‘0852’. You can check that out from the phone screen. Apart from sweeping up and down, apparently ‘5683’ is also a popular number. Any reason you can think of? In the research point of view, it is the word ‘LOVE’ that brings the iPhone passcode ‘5683’ together. ‘1212’ is also commonly used and it is possibly the user are lazy to go any number further and just repeat between one and two.

The last number is ‘1998’ and it must be weird why this number can ranked above other possible common number like ‘4321’ or ‘7777’ or ‘9999’. Based on the research from Amitay, a very high percentage of iPhone passcode come from the made up of year (1990-1999). This experiment is compared to years from (1980-1989) and year 2000 onwards. This could probably be the majority of iPhone users are either born around 1990-1999 or they had their college graduation on 1990-1999. However, these are all just theory of why 1998 has to be one of the top used number and not others.

Conclusion to the commonly used iPhone passcode

As we have already go through the top 10 commonly used iPhone passcode, I am sure that readers who owned an iPhone should know what to do next. Last and final tip here is, this statistic of four numbers security code could be not to the extend of iPhone only, but also ATM card or other online accounts. Hence, be sure those numbers or passwords does not fall under the top 10 commonly used iPhone passcode category.

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