The Conclusion to Malaysia Government Hacked

Let’s recap from previous few post that Malaysia government was indeed a target for Anonymous hacker group. Why the hacker targets Malaysia government? They were not happy over the censorship that Malaysia government has done. Also, they are not happy with the corruption within the Malaysia government body which we have no proof. Lastly, they are not happy that Malaysia government enforced the ISP of Malaysia to blocked those file sharing websites in Malaysia. Those hackers supposedly are not from Malaysia and we are not sure why they are pissed. Probably you can read my previous post on the link of my first line to find out what I actually think. Although those sites were blocked, however there is a way to bypass the blocked websites. The blocked websites are as below:


The outcome was 51 sites were interrupted and they were hit by a sever DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. This attack is done by loading a massive amount of traffic to terminate the hosting server.

Malaysia’s Communications and Multimedia Commission said that 51 websites in the domain were attacked beginning late Wednesday, and that 41 of the sites suffered various levels of disruption.

The MCMC, the country’s Internet and telecommunications regulator, did not however provide information on the nature of the attacks, or the people behind it, describing them only as “unknown hackers”.

However, it made references to some of the websites recovering quickly, suggesting that these sites faced a DDoS or distributed denial-of-service attack rather than a hack.

DDoS attacks can make a website inaccessible to users by swamping the website with traffic from hundreds or thousands of computers.

Such attacks are a known tactic of Anonymous, a hacker group that had threatened to attack Malaysia.

It was claimed by the Malaysia government that this attack has a very little impact on the users. In addition to that, most of the websites were recovered quickly although some took some time to recover. The government also urged the public to report to them if they encountered any information about these hackers.

The MCMC had noticed a reduction in the levels of attack by 4 a.m. local time Thursday, it said. The attacks had little effect on Malaysian users, and most of the websites have already recovered, it said.

“We do not expect the overall recovery to these websites to take long,” it said.

“The public is advised to report any information they may have regarding the identity of these hackers as the act to disrupt network services is a serious offence,” it said.

Anonymous has used various online forums to threaten Malaysia with an attack in protest against the government’s decision to block 10 websites that reportedly allowed the download of pirated content. Earlier this week, Anonymous invited people to join Operation Malaysia, targeting a government website from 7.30 p.m. GMT on Wednesday (3.30 a.m. Thursday, local time).

However, reading from the Anonymous blog and twitter, there were no news or feedback on the attack on Malaysia government. Although the attack are quite similar to Anonymous as they launched a heavy DDOS, but since no information on their blog or twitter, we should keep our finger cross that it is them. The conclusion was the attack is not as successful as expected. But, does this give Malaysia government a lesson that they should take care of the citizen’s internet freedom?

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