MasterCard Website Hacked … Again

Just not long when LulzSec announced the retirement from the cybercrime scene, big companies might start to feel a little safer except for but not MasterCard. Their website was taken down on the 28th of June in the morning. The hacker who took down the MasterCard website was some user in Twitter with the username ‘Ibom Hactivist’.

At the time 7:00 a.m., the hacker twitted “ DOWN!!! That’s what you get when you mess with @wikileaks @Anon_Central”. It is again some sort of a repeat of Sony data breach where the good guy starting to mess with the bad guys and this is the outcome. However, what we know is that only the MasterCard website is taken down.

How MasterCard Website Was Taken Down

The website was not accessible for almost three hours and came back online at 9:45 a.m. Based on the hacker’s tweets, they somewhat launched a denial-of-service attack to the website. Reason is that they wanted to protest for MasterCard’s refusal to process the payments of WikiLeaks supporter last fall.


This is not the first time MasterCard’s website was attacked. Back in the early December of 2010, Anonymous already executed an attack to MasterCard website. However, this group had already move away from hounding those WikiLeaks defractors and began to switch their hacking theme to some theme called “Arab Spring” where they then began to target websites in Tunisia, Egypt and Iran. With LulzSec calling off from the hacking scene, will this group of hacktivist set to replace them after the take down of MasterCard website?

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  1. ken says:

    hacking is so common nowadays..
    not sure what’s the main purpose anyway coz the sites will normally be recovered.. :/

    • Alan Tay says:

      I think the impact of hacking affects business more than technical. Imagine if one day Maybank2u downed when hundreds of people booking for Transformers 3, then they all will switched to using credit card and pay instead. So, they will fail to earn those supposed to earn business there. It can be recovered since it is just DDOS…no damage done to server’s data.

      • jim says:

        no damage? think again.. a poweful ddos can bring down a server. if the server unsecure enough, it will force to open unsecure prompt and allowed the hackers to steal information.

        • Alan Tay says:

          Looks like you are experience in how DDOS work and making full use of it. I only know the rough idea of DDOS, but not the detail and why. Probably I got the DDOS concept wrong then….

  2. A K Rahman says:

    how to hacked master card

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