Malaysia Government is the Next Target for Hackers

If you are aware of the news, Malaysia government had just blocked popular sites such as Pirate Bay, Megaupload, and other file sharing websites. Probably, what the Malaysia government think is that it is going to reduce the piracy? Hell No. Pirate bay and Megaupload is not the only source of piracy. Not even the 10-15 websites that been blocked are the source. There are still plenty more that I can still access from my computer right now this instance. But anyway, this is just a small part of our agenda for this entry.

malaysia government

Why Malaysia Government?

Hackers claimed that the Malaysia government is trying to take away the citizen’s freedom and rights to use the internet. With the Malaysia government trying to take away the freedom to browse to certain sites that mentioned above, it kind of pissed the hackers off. I am not too sure whether the hacker was having a holiday in Malaysia and trying to download something from Megaupload and sh*t, they were blocked! Probably you know. Because Malaysia is not a big country and I don’t see any reason the hackers, Anonymous who hacked several big projects like Sony data breach, IMF and Citibank of America will be interested in Malaysia government. You can refer to this entry on how to bypass website blocked by ISP.

But anyway, not only the freedom of internet were concerned. They were also concerned of the censorship in Malaysia. Because of the censorship, many movies were taken out by the Malaysia government and not screened. As a blogger for IT security, I am interested in this news. Will this happened at 7.00PM (3.00 AM Malaysia time)? As I am blogging this topic, I think the hackers is getting prepared for the attack and the government top IT security specialist are getting ready to defend. It is like even waking up in the morning for Champions League games. I am sure we are curious on what is going to happen after the hack if it eventually happened. There is a Youtube video on why the hackers chose Malaysia government as their target.

Malaysia Government Preparation

What can the Malaysia government do to prepare for this attack? Remember in Die Hard 4, John McClane (Bruce Willis) was fighting against IT hackers who hacked the entire government funds? Malaysia government could use some help from him. 🙂

malaysia government solutionBut to be honest, I suppose they can just stand by and watch for any suspicious flow in the network. There is nothing much they can do but to stand by and strengthen their defenses with firewalls or whatever they can think of. I personally think that what the Malaysia government should not overlook is the recovery plan after the attack just in case the hackers are not here to only rob, but also data incineration.

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  1. ibai merepek says:

    could not wait for the outcome when that happen.

    • admin says:

      Should not be very bad.

      At most tomorrow headline that the Anonymous post out all the corruption in Malaysia


  2. richard says:

    almost time..


    anticipating. xD

  3. hunz says:

    there is so many other file sharing for them to ban if they really want stop illegal download lol

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