Apple's Mac Malware Patch Just Last for Hours

Few weeks back, Mac OS user was constantly hit with the Mac Malware where it was also known as MacDefender Scareware. At that time, it was not only the bogus MacDefender was scaring all the users, but also other Mac security software with high popularity. A quick recap for that issue, what this Scareware does was it will scare the user by telling the user that he was infected with multiple Mac Malware which will then asked the user to purchase a bogus MacDefender that can remove those Mac Malware. This Mac Malware even evolved to install by themselves without asking for permission before installation.

Anyway, it was all fixed after Apple released a security patch correspond to this issue. The security patch comes with two features where one of it was to remove the old Mac Malware. What actually happen is that once the MacDefender Malware is found, it will automatically delete and remove from your system. You will probably see the screen as below:

macdefender-removedThe other security feature was that this MacDefender Malware definition will be included into your system. Hence in the future, if the user comes across again the same type of Malware, it will warn the user that it is a Malware. It is a good move by Apple as it will prevent any incoming Malware of the same type making the user is not affected anymore through the same infection. The screen below is an example on how it will protect a Mac user against incoming Mac Malware:

macdefender-malwareHowever, the patch just last for hours before the attacker launch another similar Mac Malware attack. The flow of the attack is still the same, but the difference is it bypass the security patch that was applied by Apple. According to ZDNet, this time around, the attacker uses the filename “mdInstall-1.pkg“.  The reason it managed to bypass the security was that a standard default Mac OS does not comes with an Anti-Virus that has periodic update of virus definition from time to time. Thus, since the definition was not updated, attacker can easily create another one with different signature to bypass the security patch applied.

As a conclusion to the latest attack, there is a reminder to Mac users is that, the immunity of Mac against Malware is now over. It is highly recommended for Mac users to start using Anti-Virus as a protection to themselves. It is not my philosophy or what, but it is something mentioned by Apple in their support section on several of their documents related to Mac OS security. We are not sure whether Apple will do something to retain their OS that does not need Anti-Virus or not but what I am very sure now is, every Mac user needs an Anti-Virus to stay safe. If you want yourself away from the Mac Malware, this is at least what you can do at the moment.

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